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Hey everyone. Its been a long while since I posted on here.

I require some help. Me and a friend of mine have a decent little Football website. In a nutshell its an article submission website where people just add football related articles onto it, this gives people a small platform for their articles so increase their following or just as a hobby gives them something to do. It seems to work.

I want to improve what we have. Am not going to lie. Am not the best with SEO or anything like that, I like simple. I have invested no cash into the website, costs £7 to be online and gives me over £130 a month return from betting affiliates, with 144K unique viewers in 2014, not a bad hobby with little experience.

So my question to you is? How do I go about investing money into the website to improve it? To make more money and to give it more traffic to make the website even busier?

Website link is Bread And Butter Football

Thank you all!
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    Anyone willing to recommend services I could invest in?

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    search for crowd searching here on warriorforum and look at that new type of service they're offering... for SEO purposes... I think it works.

    Be grateful for everything you have.

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    Market it - so basically look for channels that will help you improve your traffic, such as Facebook and place some ads - get into some groups, create a fan page, post content.
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    Start a Facebook page for the site, to attract more fans and to gain more traffic, also you can share the posts in Facebook groups, on Reddit, on related forums. After this, you could improve the interface, make the site look not as much as a blog. Then, you could try with Google AdSense, see if you can get some brand to place banners on your site and give you money in reward. These are just some of the beginning tips. Good luck!
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    Why not drive traffic to the best articles, if you are making money you should be able to work out your ROI and budget accordingly

    If you are serious about online marketing come and Join our free community The Foundation
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      Hey blackout,
      You could visit other sports related Forums. And start building traffic and a following that way; by posting useful and interesting Threads and having a good sig. with Site in it.

      It definitely takes time but something that can be totally worth in the long run !!

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    if you are generating fresh content on your website, you are on the right track and If i know your website URL i can help you more. send me a prvt message.
    Here are some general recommendations:
    - Search for local forums in your area, get into the forum write or comment on some posts and first build trust then begin mentioning your website.
    - Use facebook, twitter, google plus ( it is a great place to actually be in touch with activists directly) and pinterest.
    - Joing and search for some groups, promote your blog while you are engaged in a conversation there,
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