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Hey everyone!

So I'm currently using Bing ads and I'm promoting Clickbank Products (users submit their email to me and then are taken to the offer page.)

I'm using the option in Bing ads to have users who are either in the US, or searching for pages in the US or viewing pages about the US. Instead of just users actually in the US.

Does this have any value to get sales of Clickbank products that are in English?

I've been getting sign ups from like Pakistan and African countries, but no sale yet.

Should I target just in the US?

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    Originally Posted by backlinkmasters View Post

    Should I target just in the US?
    I wouldn't, myself.

    The US is only one country in the English-speaking, ClickBank-product-buying world.

    I regularly sell ClickBank products to people who live in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, the Caribbean and many other countries, too, to be honest.

    Originally Posted by backlinkmasters View Post

    users submit their email to me and then are taken to the offer page.
    I found that very counterproductive indeed, when I was promoting ClickBank products through PPC advertising.

    Right after the opt-in, I would never want to send people to an offer page. Not at that point.

    For me, it was be a big mistake to do that. As people who have split-tested it have often discovered (and they tend to be the ones who quickly abandon that idea, once they've thoroughly tested it for themselves.)

    I suspect there's quite a bit of misguided thinking about, on this subject. It's worth bearing in mind that it's possible to make the occasional quick sale that way and still lose a lot of money overall. Here's the key concept: the few people who will buy anything, that way, are all people who would have bought it in a week's time anyway, after receiving some email from you, so there's no real gain. But many other people, who would otherwise have bought it a week or two later, will be alienated by it, because of course it makes you look like "just another marketer", so if I did that, I'd expect a much lower open-rate for my emails than I actually get.

    (Also, for myself, I need the thank you page, in order to give clear instructions, both in words and in pictures, on what subscribers (two groups: "gmail users" and "others") need to do, in order to receive my emails in their in-boxes. Again, without doing this, my open-rates are significantly lower - and I certainly don't want anything else distracting from that, because it's what the bulk of my future income depends on, and long-term future income is the whole point of building the list in the first place?).

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