Should social media followers be treated differently than the followers on your email list?

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What I mean by that is start to limit the amount of content you post on the various social platforms and start saving it for your email subscribers. What I have noticed since getting involved in this industry is that people on social media hated when you sound promotional however they always want to read up on the free info that you put out i.e blog post or funny memes.
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    I'm a blogger so my strategy may be different than someone else's, but I use social media primarily to drive traffic to my blog. From there, I use the blog to drive people onto my email list where I eventually get to promoting relevant products.

    I think exclusivity is important with any email list, if you're offering the same content on your social media pages, your subscribers aren't going to get anything new when they opt-in.
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    I would stick to posting blog posts and other cool things that I find on social. This included other peoples freebies.

    Keep your "good" goodies for your email list. If you posted everything everywhere, why would I join your list?

    Hope this helps
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