Question for those of you who sell?

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Hei boys and girls,

Just a quick question for those of you who sell info products here.

I know this is pretty tight community when compared with DP etc. So I assume that chargebacks on your sales are much lower.

Or would you say that you still get plenty of chargebacks?

Thanks, and I appreciate your opinions.
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    I have never had a charge back since selling on the warrior forum,on the other forum
    they all want it for free as a review copy,
    if they can not get a review copy they just do a buy and then a charge back.

    Something new soon.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah heard that here people dont do many chargebacks and are legit. I know that this "other" forum is filled with charge-backers and sharers. Know it all too well.

    Once I gave a discount to one of the guy there because he had a sob story, and he bought it.
    Then I find out that he was contacting "potential buyers" in the thread and selling it for half price. And then eventually did a charge back. And paypal being as it is, didnt favor the seller.

    So yeah... I get you.

    Im obviously not saying that because of this 1 incident I dont like selling there, but I had many chargebacks.

    But once again, thanks for the reply.

    Anyone else thinks that chargeback level is really low here?
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      Charge back depends on the product you sell.As mention above most of my sell products are review copy for a start.
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