Why FAILURE is Good in 2015

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This week I have spent time mentoring a couple of new clients.

One of them in particular is absolutely paralyzed with fear about making mistakes and as a result failing. To be truly successful as an internet marketer the fear of failure mindset needs to be overcome.

Let me explain.

You are much better off getting your hands dirty, having a go and flopping than never launching anything at all. We call this TAKING ACTION

You see every time you FAIL you LEARN what does not work and can move forwards

I am pretty certain that someone will quote the light bulb guy in response to this...

But it happens to be true. A man with an experience will always be better positioned than one with a theory.

Looking back at my career in marketing agencies I worked with clients who launched less than perfect campaigns that still made money and built their business simply because THEY TOOK ACTION

I remember one client who insisted on writing his own direct mail letters. The guy was pretty illiterate and his mailing pieces were absolutely horrible as a result. However he always got a response, made sales and was satisfied with the outcome.

Now this example is not perfect because the client involved was not open to learning or had the wisdom to be guided by the expertise of others to improve his marketing. However what it does show is that even a LESS THAN PERFECT marketing campaign can bare fruit.

Now I am not advocating that as marketers we put out any old slop ... we must always do our best.

However we must always DO SOMETHING this is the key.

When I think about my first attempts at internet marketing I am truly embarrassed. In fact I made some BIG mistakes. However I kept going, learned valuable lessons, met some great people and have a growing successful business.

One final thought
A great way to avoid making mistakes is by learning from others who have already trodden the path that you are walking. I am talking about having a coach or mentor.
Not only do I offer these services to my clients but I am personally committed to the concept and will always work with personal Coaches to improve different areas of my life.

Modelling other peoples success is a great recipe for building a business.

Why not make a commitment right now that no matter what during 2015 you are going to ...

- Write and launch an info product
- Start Video Marketing
- Learn Paid Advertising and LAUNCH some campaigns

... or something similar

Either way just do something in 2015!!


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    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a way to win the war." - Donald Trump
    It's so true that trying and failing is way better than not trying at all. Pushing on will get you to success.

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    Totally agree!

    Action creates the clarity that people are searching for.

    Instead of figuring out the best way to do something and getting as much advice as possible which ends up in information overload and confusion it's essential to take action ASAP and get your own experience because that's the only way to know what works and what doesn't!

    Especially since you start seing all those opportunities you never knew existed before simply because you learned the lessons and widened your horizon which resulted in a new perception that openes the floodgates to abundance.

    You can either sit here and assume that what you're doing might not work but it's only the momentum of taking action and having that mindset of failure being a good thing - which allows you to gain all the insights and the clarity you need to create whatever it is that you want...

    ..which starts with a committment!
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    What is it with these "failure is good" posts, anyway?

    Failure sucks. Period.

    Couldn't this be a much shorter post?

    "Success > Failure > Doing Nothing"

    Now...stop failing and get to work on a success.
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      Originally Posted by TryBPO View Post

      What is it with these "failure is good" posts, anyway?

      Failure sucks. Period.

      Couldn't this be a much shorter post?

      "Success > Failure > Doing Nothing"

      Now...stop failing and get to work on a success.
      I agree.

      If you "failed and learned something" and then improved, it wasn't a failure it was a learning experience.

      As long as you are moving forward, or learning or growing you aren't failing.

      This attitude that not getting instant success = failure is lost on me.

      If you failed a course and learned from it and did better then next time and got your degree, you wouldn't say you failed university.

      And if you said "I failed chemistry" people wouldn't think it meant you struggled, learned and then passed.
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    You only have to look at people like Richard Branson, to see that being a true Entrepreneur is learning from failures and making success steps along the way. Will Sir Richard give up now that his latest endeavor failed? I don't think so.

    But I could have quit many times last year if I didn't know how to deal with what looked like failure.

    Learn to see failure as one step closer to success, and you will keep going.

    For me, 2015 will be about learning from 2014 mistakes, launching products and building a list.
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      Taking Action - this has been my mantra and is going to take me through 2015 & beyond.

      With every action comes a chance of success....with every inaction comes nothing!
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      I know many of the people I work with I try to stress that Failures are just ALWAYS going to be a part of the equation.And that EVERYONE goes through it sometime in their lives.

      And there are two people in this World. Those that get really down about failing and let it affect their progress in a negative fashion and those that look at failure as just one step closer to tasting Success and effectively learn from these mistakes

      - Robert Andrew
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        If failure were good, one would stay failed...
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    I agree, its better to take action and try your ideas out rather than let fear factor hinder you.
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