Help! AVG Anti-virus outdated even if newly updated.

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Hi guys,

I would appreciate your help with this...

My AVG Free Edition is showing that my Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware are outdated. When I click to update it, it says...

"Your computer system time seems to be inaccurate. This may lead to false virus database up-to-dateness reporting. Please correct your system time if possible."

I clicked on the "Date and Time Properties" at the bottom right-hand side. I've found that the date has indeed become September (I was checking a date on September and perhaps forgot to change it back to July.)

Well, I've changed the date back to the current date, and updated AVG. But the same message still shows that my Anti-virus and Anti-spyware are outdated.

Could you please kindly give some advice?

Thanks a lot,
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    Try uninstalling AVG and install again. Did you download it from or AVG's website? If you did not, I might even try downloading a fresh copy from those sites and installing again.

    On a side note, you may also want to try Avast. It is working for me brilliantly. It managed to detect some things that AVG didn't detect. I have both running on my PC.
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    eset is also very good. I run it on my computer and never have any problems.
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    I've been a big fan of AVG for years. Then all of a sudden strange things started happening, not only with the free AVG but the Paid Versions also. You know, those hard to explain slow downs, strange warning messages, one of my PCs just stopped working and didn't start working again until I uninstalled AVG.

    Sad, because it has been with me for a long time, however, a Warrior recommended Avast and it is really good. I use Avast now. I told my son about it and he said it found 5 problems that AVG did not find.

    For me anyway, Avast is the New AVG.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    I guess running both AVG and Avast is ok for me because of my large RAM, never thought of it... hmmm, I am beginning to take my PC for granted. Anyways, what about just using Avast and not AVG then? Avast have been amassing great testimonials from all over. George Wright's experience is quite common actually.
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    Have you tried just restarting your computer to see if AVG updates and corrects the errors itself. If that doesn't work reinstall.

    Effort & Attitude!

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    This exact same thing happened to me recently, and a reinstall fixed it.
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    Try using other Anti-virus like Anti-vir, its also free-edition. I have heard from friends that AVG corrupts the files on your computer, I don't know how exactly, but that were the common probs of my friends when they where using AVG. Avast is good, its the one that I am using today.
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    I used to use AVG religiously but have since switched to Avast. I find Avast easier to use and it seems to pick up more than AVG ever did. I can't post a link yet but it's
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      The reinstall mentioned above should fix this. If you want to try something else for FREE try Avira or Avast. Avira is the best of all the lot, (it won in an independent test for picking up viruses in the wild) but Avira gives you an occassional pop-up asking you to buy the premium version. If you dont want pop-ups go with Avast.

      You can find the independent research and links to all these on my page below.

      Good Luck

      Need help with a virus or other malware? Check out my Free Virus Scan and Removal page.

      If you have a few minutes, I would appreciate an opinion on my first real squidoo attempt at my Best Keyboard page.

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    I also had problems with AVG . Try PC Tools its free and you can also use Threatfire for spyware protection for 32 bit only, good luck

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      Originally Posted by kbrms View Post

      I also had problems with AVG . Try PC Tools its free and you can also use Threatfire for spyware protection for 32 bit only, good luck

      I can vouch for threatfire. It's great at catching outgoing connections. It's a very nice addition to any anti-virus software.
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        ...and just what do you expect for free????

        Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't the data on the hard drive worth more then the money shelled out for hardware? Time to pony up.

        Kaspersky is by far the most recommended. Norton may be more popular, but yer better off with the free stuff then Symantec
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    You get what you pay for.

    Free means that you don't get a lot.

    Get a paid for program. It's a lot less than a new computer or to get your computer worked on all the time.

    The best you can get is this. ESET - Antivirus Software with Spyware and Malware Protection

    Want the best antivirus software? Compare antivirus software solutions now.

    I use this and have never had a computer problem.
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    I double the motion:
    "I was an AVG fan for years.
    Now I'm a Kaspersky guy"
    Hey free is nice but when it gets right down to it, you get what you pay for.

    Bill Skywalker Edwards

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    Please try doing this.

    Click on the AVG icon and start a manual update. Some times AVG does not automatically download the updates. I have one PC that doesn't. You will need to do this process each day.

    Hope this one helps. C",)
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    What is the version you are using. Try the following:
    Open the Tools -> Advanced Settings... menu.
    Navigate to the Manage option in the Update branch.
    Press the Delete temporary update files button.
    Try to update
    if you still cannot update, try updating manually.
    Second, if you are reinstalling then don't install in directory which contains spaces in directory names like my documents, make a seperate download directory like C:\download\freeavg.
    Also check if your file is not corrupted and final advice don't ever run installer from internet. Always save them and run from PC.
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    Thanks, guys. AVG is working now. It suddenly updated itself; I guess there was just a delay. Now with all the positive feedback about Avast, I might have to replace AVG with it.

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