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Hey all,

Ebooks and apps both have their pros and cons.
Both can be profitable, both take time to create a quality finished product.

What are your thoughts on which one you prefer and why? "Both" I know is an answer, but I'm on the fence as to which to commit more time on.
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    I prefer Apps.

    Ebooks are easier to be sold. Most people come online to learn new things, to learn more about a subject. On the other hand, the market is saturated by people who claim the impossible: "If you get my ebook you will earn x,xxx$ in 3 days", "You will lose 50 pounds in 5 weeks". I know it is all about the marketing, but if you want to sell the ebook, you have to step up and also promise a lot of things.
    To make good money, you have to sell a lot of copies, and most ebook sellers are building one book after another and selling it to the same people who already got trust. Everyone can write a book.

    On the other hand, apps are for mid and long-term results. You start with a simple app, give it for free to see if peeople want this kind of app, then add extra features that you give for free but in exchange of email addresses. And finally, build the final app which you sell. With apps, you can have monthly subscriptions.

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      Based on my experience, ebooks are a great choice if you either have a great blog following or if you're an awesome fiction writer. You may be able to parlay a great ebook into massive profits. It takes a lot of work!

      However, if I had the choice between the two, I would pick app development for one simple reason; even though it's harder to be successful at it, if you strike it, you're probably going to strike it way bigger than with an ebook.
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        Call me crazy, but I'd look into eBooks if I were a really good writer and I'd look into app development if I were a really good developer.

        Of course, if I weren't a really good writer nor a really good developer, I'd look into something else entirely.
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    I think it depends on your skill set. If you have experience as a developer you could do very well with apps. An eBook would probably be faster to get up and running and get started. However, if you have development skills I would start there.
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    I prefer eBooks because they are maintenance free. If you do an app there will eventually be updates needed and some form of tech support. Although both are lucrative, eBooks offer the best time-value in my opinion.
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      Hey.. I've learned to do both at the same time. Using a software to create different apps like ebook, trivia, games etc. Also outsourcing games for my developer account.

      Both have different users so you get the benefit of both markets.

      I am creating game apps which have more engaging users on a continuous basis and ebooks as well where reader reads it just once. Monetizing it with ads as giving away for free on different platforms specially play store.
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    Frankly speaking in this era Apps would be more potential than ebooks. Apps are more interactive and engaging than ebooks though it would depend on your skill.
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      You would need an absolutely killer app to get people to download and use it. How many apps do you have that you don't even remember where you got them or why?

      I think there is a definite spot for killer apps and if you can create one, I think that would be wicked awesome. If you have an idea like that, run with it. Otherwise go for an ebook

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    Id say APPS are the most profitable. how many kids read these days, and how many play smartphone apps for hours each day?
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    I see them as two completely different things - eBooks and Apps don't necessarily cover the same things. Sure, you can make them about the same thing but I feel like you have to feel it out and see what suits your needs better. Right?
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    I prefer ebooks hands down. Not because they have some sort of *advantage* over apps. It's just that to be an app developer could require me to hire someone to make it for me - or i would have to go back to school and learn how to do it... (or buy an ebook about how to make one lol).

    Ebooks are super simple to create and ell. Plus you can turn them into physical format and sell offline too. But like you said... apps have their advantages too.
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