Has Anyone Had Success With A Mentor?

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I am really serious about learning IM. I am trying lots on my own, i'm sure I am learning but am still making no money.

I feel, as with anything in life, to be able to be taught by someone that can walk the walk that has a real edge in the market is by far the most effective way to learn.

If you wanted to be a plumber you wouldn't just look at some $40 Ebook and expect to install bathrooms for a living.

But the internet is so full of scams. Im happy to pay for someone to really work with me through the process. But giving money to someone you have never met and probably never likely to meet is a bit of an issue.

So to anyone out there that has found a mentor would you mind sharing your experience/ recommendation?

Ideally they would need to provide proof of earnings/track record so you know they are the real deal.

And offer some sort of guarantee. Nobody can guarantee you will earn x amount of course. But if you give someone $xxx in coaching fees they must surely be pretty confident you can recover at least that if you follow what they say.

Ideally it would be someone I can just talk to on Skype for an hour a day and we build something together.

I dunno, am I thinking along the right lines?

Im just going no where trying to figure this all out on my own,
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    Hey Tommy,

    I've had 2 or 3 mentors in some capacity, and yes they are worth it. Very much so. But ONLY if you are prepared to work. No mentor will stand over you and force you to take action. All they can do is hold you accountable for your actions.

    And I'm sorry to say, but $500 ain't gong to get you any big-time mentor either. And I doubt you will find anyone willing to speak to you for an hour every day either. And definitely not for $500, unless the coaching only lasts for 2 weeks max.

    It would also help if you could let us know what kind of business you are interested in.

    Always here to help you if I can. Feel free to PM me if you want some more info. I may have a few suggestions that could help.

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      Originally Posted by Simon Anthony View Post

      Hey Tommy,

      I've had 2 or 3 mentors in some capacity, and yes they are worth it. Very much so. But ONLY if you are prepared to work. No mentor will stand over you and force you to take action. All they can do is hold you accountable for your actions.

      And I'm sorry to say, but $500 ain't gong to get you any big-time mentor either. And I doubt you will find anyone willing to speak to you for an hour every day either. And definitely not for $500, unless the coaching only lasts for 2 weeks max.

      It would also help if you could let us know what kind of business you are interested in.

      Always here to help you if I can. Feel free to PM me if you want some more info. I may have a few suggestions that could help.

      I have to say, I found one of my best mentors for $100, he was an entrepreneur on the early verge of massive success - and now he's a multi-millionaire; the guy has changed my life to say the least.

      Chic Fil A > McDonald's

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    Hey Simon,

    Thanks a lot for your input.
    I understand there isn't a get rich quick scheme and will require work. Thats cool by me.

    Its more a case of how to avoid the scammers.

    I am not really willing to shell out thousands for someone that could be useless, thats my concern. But I am looking for someone that can just help me through the process and keep me on track with specific advice and give me the confidence it actually works.

    To just say "find a niche, drive traffic, get opt ins, upsell, off you go" is like teaching someone to drive by saying, "get in the car, start it, put it in gear, drive" you need someone easing you through each step, stepping in if youre going off course and getting you over the finish line.

    As for the area that appeals to me. I am open to anything. But I would say I am quite keen on the selling physical products area, import/export etc but but by no means am I ONLY looking at that. In my limited experience I have found its far easier to get people interested in something that is tangible than digital. But thats from my experience which isn't saying much. I'll do whatever someone believes they can teach really
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    What you have been trying so far and how long have you been trying ?

    I have learned everything myself and I am doing ok. Every type of IM strategy you try is different and you need to gain experience before getting benefits. If you know your field and your market then you should make money. If you know a topic very well then maybe it is a matter of what strategies you tried, and if you post more details we might be able to help you here. If you just want to make money in a field that you have no experience but you heard it is hot then you should change it.

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    OK. Understood.

    I personally know of nobody who mentors people to sell physical products or import/export. I'm into product creation in the IM niche, Facebook ads, and email marketing. I know a lot of people who could help you.

    As I said in the first message, send me a PM and maybe I can help with that. I'm also willing to jump on a Skype voice call with you for an hour right now, to help you out. Not going to sell you anything and I don't want anything for it. Just like to help people out if I can, because I know what it's like. The offer is there if you want to take me up on it. It's up to you if you want it.

    FYI : I'm no big shot at all, but I did a JVZoo launch last November and planning a second launch in a few weeks, and I do email marketing and I am earning money from it.

    Help is here if you want it. Can't do more than that. Just to repeat. I have nothing to sell you here. I'm only doing it as a favour.
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    Originally Posted by Tommyg123 View Post

    Im just going no where trying to figure this all out on my own,
    I can relate...

    As that's how I felt in many situations in life (not just making money).

    Make sure you do your research before laying down some money though.

    From what I've found out....

    The more skin you put in the game, the more 'stuff' you get done
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    Thanks James, yeah I'm definitely going to make sure any mentor checks out first.

    TheDark, I have produced a product in an area I am very familiar with "Futures Trading", I have been a professional trader for years. Spent about 6 months putting a course together. But I think ive totally missed the mark. Its too niche. The fact is most people that want to learn about trading just want to hear about how to open up a Forex account with $200 and make millions with a simple strategy. Thats never going to happen. But theyre the courses that sell.

    My course goes over the head of most people. And I dont really want to become a "guru" that does roadshows and public appearances building a reputation because that isn't me. Im not a public speaker or anything like that.

    I learned a valuable lesson, just because what you have is great and interesting, doesnt mean anyone wants to buy it.

    Ive learned IM is 90% selling, 10% product whereas I spent 100% on the product then found nobody wanted to buy. Have been running PPC on Facebook and Adwords, no conversions.

    Now I just want to stop making mistakes on my own, work with someone that knows what to do and follow in their footsteps as I see that as the most efficient way to learn

    Have also dabbled with Amazon/Ebay arbitrage... nobody bought from me, no idea why

    Done freelancer gigs in article writing but undercut by a lot of 3rd world people
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    I personally believe that you are way better off learning/teaching yourself what you need to know, it isn't that hard. And then spend the money you were going to use on a mentor, on starting your business, on your first PPC campaign, hire a bunch of writers and create an authority site..

    This is what I did. I know it is hard wading through all the masses of BS related to internet marketing, but i guarantee that you will get to a point in your learning where everything just clicks..
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    Be careful who you listen to. Simon is the only one who gave you a good reply (so far) to your thread.

    It all depends on what you are looking for...

    Do you want to replace your income entirely?


    Do you just want to learn IM as a hobby and maybe make a few bucks here and there?

    If you want to replace your income entirely, you will need a mentor.

    But some coaches may charge you up to $500 Per hour.

    The only other way to get coached by someone who already has the results and know how that you are looking for is to join them in what ever business opportunity they are promoting.

    A good coach (who is 'motivated' to help you) can help you with:

    1- A Business Plan
    2- Traffic Generation for Paid & FREE methods
    3- Conversions
    4- Mindset
    5- Support

    Another suggestion for you if you can not afford $500 an hour is to find a business opportunity that has:

    1- A Great Leader

    2- A Powerful System that can hand hold you even if you are green. Usually good systems will teach you everything you need to learn from the ground up. This takes the strain off your leaders / coach's shoulders. He or she will only have to help you through areas that you're stuck in.

    3- Curriculum: Just like with traditional education, new people need a 'step by step' course that is built in to the money making system.

    Can you imagine people in the 'traditional' world of business trying to figure out all this marketing and money getting stuff all by themselves?

    Well that's what some people are trying to do here right now.

    Yes they can probably piece together this IM stuff by themselves in about 3 to 10 years but that way to me is very painful.

    If you are in no hurry and don't mind waiting years, then by all means do this on your 'own'.

    And even after awhile, these learn all by yourself types end up giving in and start looking for a leader and system to follow.
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    So you already know very well how to sell physical products and you are keen to stay on the subject. Maybe the best way for doing this is to start an online shop to sell physical products that you were already selling ? I am a web developer have worked with many sellers with offline shops and they had a great success when going online.

    Selling courses to people that want to learn how to trade physical products seems hart to me too. If you want to be an online expert in selling physical products, then you should start a blog and write basics, your experiences, tutorials, resources, etc. And then when you have some audience to your blog give something for money.

    You could also use your current course that you generated no sales for free to people who subscribe to your mailing list. Keep the mailing list warm and then give them another ebook for sale. But I don;t think this is the way you want to go.

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    You need to figure out what it is that you want to do before seeking paid help or you are probably going to get scammed.

    Mentors as they are commonly defined by a segment of this forum are get rich quick scammers who train you to become a get rich quick scammer yourself. So watch out for that. Their hallmark is usually presenting themselves as a "generic" coach who teaches methods that "work in any niche" and they never get too specific about what business model you are buying into. The vast majority of them have no prior history of success online outside of the coaching scams. So even a newbie can filter these guys out by requesting specific, verifiable information about their past history (for instance, a "super affiliate" should be able to show you a "super" website this traffic was generated through).

    This corner of the internet is also home to some cult-like behavior regarding the support that people give known get rich quick scammers. They just refuse to believe anything bad about them. It's only a matter of time before the cult members enter this thread and start dropping names like they always do.

    Like I said above, set your sights on something and go towards that specifically. If you want paid help, find someone with a good size website that is clearly successful (or whatever indicator you are looking for) and ask him if he is interested in providing consulting services to you.
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      Mentors are everywhere and you can choose anyone you feel that mesh with you.

      Pick people who have what you want and have no monetary benefit in helping you...

      There is a difference between a mentor and a coach in the IM world. A coach is usually someone your paying upfront for the time. I would strongly research anyone your considering before you fork out dough.

      The main thing you want to know is if they are actually doing what they say and they teach... What I mean is are they doing it currently in their business day-to-day.

      A mentor can be anyone who is successful. Robert Kiyosaki is one of my mentors and I get his knowledge buy just buying books...

      I went through the same thing you have. I have spend over 10k on programs and systems and courses.

      What I decided to do was stop buying courses and started studying leaders and gurus and where they got their info from.

      I finally came to conclusion that I was really the issue and my personal development was lacking big time. I had motivation, but not the right mindset...

      Without the right mindset it's almost impossible to make it in IM

      I am know learning this from learning this from multiple mentors.

      Let me know if I can help
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    Many people have had success with a mentor, and many people have failed. Every situation is unique, and everybody has the decision to whether or not they succeed. You can have the best mentor and still fail. It ultimately comes down to one person in the end and that one person is YOU. You can only lead a horse to water, but you cannot make the horse drink it! My advice is to get a mentor, gain knowledge, take action everyday, and don't quit!
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    not all mentors are good...do your research before you give your money to anyone. always google their name and search their name in the warrior forum.
    always insiston paying the fee with installments...never pay at once
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    The greatest mentoring you will find is on this forum asking questions and engaging. Next to that, start researching and asking around. You will find that a lot of good mentors will give you a fee initial review. There are good mentors, and then there are those that tell you what you want to hear. Look at there track record. Talk with some of there students. Make sure they can teach and are practicing what they teach.

    I have several. Tony, Robert, Frank, Rich, Alex, Vick, these and several others I learn from the distance through there products and teachings. I have now hired two mentors. One for solo ad business, and another for product creation. The first one was so, so... still was worth every penny, the second is freaking awesome.

    The main thing is to never give up. Learn the area you want to go in and tighten the focus. Realize it is a process and some of that process is you changing and growing along the way. If you have any question feel free to pm me as well.
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      Hey Tommy,
      I might ruffle some feathers with what I am going to say.

      As I see some aggressive people on this Thread here stepping up and offering this and that.

      Just be careful. I personally advise that you get your feet wet on your OWN. That is what I did.

      Of course you can go far with a competent and PROVEN Coach. You really can

      And Iam not going to slam these people on this Thread for doing what they are doing.

      But let me tell you( as DubDub said) be sure to ask these people (whether it is on Skype or whatever) ) tell them you MUST see verifiable proof that they have had Success outside the IM niche before giving them any Money.

      In other wards have they gone out in the Trenches and pursued and had success in IM outside the
      MMO/ MMO Coaching niche ?
      Examples would be Product creation or Affiliate MArketing in the Dating Niche or weight loss niche or maybe they bought or sold domains for a Living or maybe they have created professional websites and sold them etc..etc..

      My point is to NEVER and I mean NEVER go with a Coach who has NEVER had Success in IM outside the MMO /MMO Coaching Niche.

      NEVER And do NOT waiver from this. Not even the least little bit

      Of course give him the benefit of the doubt even if it is having built successful Adsense Sites well that is okay too.

      But do not go to these people who had a Coach themselves who taught them how to be a Coach and now they are going to teach you how to be a Coach to others who are going to learn how to be a Coach from you and go out and even teach more how to be Coaches in the MMO niche.

      Stay away from these charlatans. I know they hate me saying this but it is just a viscous cycle they are perpetuating where no real value is being exchanged. If you think about it there really is nothing of redeeming and intrinsic value in this scenario.

      Just Coaches teaching Coaches, teaching Coaches, teaching Coaches, teaching Coaches, teaching Coaches etc..etc..to infinity. Its nauseating really !

      - Robert Andrew
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  • Profile picture of the author Tommyg123
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the great advice you have given me. I have made a couple of great contacts and had some Skype chats with people, you know who you are, I can't thank you enough for your time.

    I still believe a mentor is worthwhile, I have been burned on a few deals recently so at the moment I can't afford to really pay the sort of prices a good mentor costs. But from the contacts I have made I feel I have got the basis of a decent plan which should keep me going for a while.

    It was basically just the security of speaking to someone that is successful and hearing what they did which makes you feel like sticking to a process. Jumping from one thing to the next has always been my problem

    I'm sure i'll be asking a load more questions on here in the future. Best of luck to everyone
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Addams
    Your best bet is to find an authority in an IM field and approach them. They may not necessarily be professional coaches, but they may consider taking you on and teaching you what they know. Expect it to come at a price related to how much you can earn with the knowledge.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    I would definitely recommend using a mentor to anyone looking to make it in this business

    It's true you have to be careful who you use i.e. go for someone who as actually achieved the desired results you are after and not just a theorist.

    If your budget is limited there are some very good programs that offer solid training.

    I have some ideas ... inbox me if you want details

    All the best

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  • In my opinion there is no doubt that having a mentor who is experienced, vetted, and has gotten results is the best way to go. Although it is entirely possible to succeed online and offline without a mentor. They simply make the process of success so much faster and easier to achieve.

    I've had many mentors with all the things I've done in my life, and I'll be honest - there were times when my mentors were people I never met in my life, however through their audios, their books, their videos, and their words alone I've been able to achieve incredible amounts of success!

    One mentor I had helped me make $100,000 from one corporate client and I never met the guy in person or talked to him online before. All I did was bought his high ticket offer and after almost a year I was in a much better economic situation as a college student.

    Mentors are great for helping you achieve success faster. You don't need a mentor, but it's in your best interest to have a mentor show you the way and how to do it!

    All the best,
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    It depends on what type of mentoring you need. When I was dabbling in adsense arbitrage years back I was having a little success but could never seem to scale it up fast and had trouble using the tools that were available at the time as they seemed too complicated.

    One mentor/coach I paid $500 for showed me within a few sessions how to use the tools properly so that I was able to scale my campaigns 10 times faster and to weed out the under performing ones so that I was making a lot more profit. So what was $20-$50 days went to $200, $300 and even some $500 days.

    So what I needed a mentor for was quite well worth the money!

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