Recommend Me a Super Top Rated Fiverr Ecommerce Website Designer You Have Used.

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Hello, I need a top rated but affordable ecommerce site designer on fiverr. Do you know anyone?
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    You expect to pay someone $5.00, 5 big ones, to design e-commerce site for you? Sorry not to add any value to your question but I don't know anyone on fiver that would be worth that 5 large...
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      I don't have personal experience buying something like this from Fiverr but your best bet is to go on Fiverr and type "eCommerce Website Design" and you will get a few results.

      You have to understand this type of job costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars if it's originally created by a talented website designer. The person fulfilling the order on Fiverr is generally and basically going to pick a template and forward it to you after slightly modifying it to your needs.

      It's not a bad choice to pay $5 bucks instead of $2,700 because you may be surprised at how good some of these Fiverr orders turn out. Be prepared to possible try a few Fiverr vendors out for this before you're completely satisfied.
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    Another way a fiverr website builder will "make more money" off of you is require you to sign up for hosting the website through their affiliate link. Some webhosting companies pay $100+ to affiliates. If you need the hosting it can be a better way to get more from your designer.
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    $5 is not anywhere near the budget required to have an ecommerce site developed. I'd be surprised if there were people offering full development services for $5.

    Ecommerce sites normally go for thousands. You might be lucky in finding a developer to do it for a couple hundred, but don't expect much time spent on it. Fiverr's not the best place to look.

    You're better off searching Elance or posting an ad on Craigslist.
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    You might be better off looking for a free eCommerce wordpress theme, then using an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. The only cost there will be your own time.

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    I am not talking about $5 and I know that no one will design such for $5. I understand basic wordpress designs and I know that there are plugins as well but I don't have the time. The ecommerce site should be a one man show kind of site not a full scale type like Amazon or ALibaba... can I get some to do it from $200-300?

    Any help please? how about here on warrior forum, anybody?
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    It's highly entertaining that everyone goes straight to "You won't be able to get it for $5". Fiverr STARTS at $5, and can easily go into the Hundreds for a single sale. That $5 is a starting point, not the finishing line. It's the price that gets you IN, so you can pay more before you leave.

    That all being said... I have yet to find anyone on Fiverr with actual knowledge in the Web Development area. Most sell pre-built PLR sites, offer to build Auto-blogs with their licensed copies of WPRobot, or they set up crappy 2 page sites that wouldn't convert if you paid visitors to click paid links.

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

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