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Hey guys,

I've been doing classified marketing for a long time, but I am finally seriously venturing into the "real world" of internet marketing. I would appreciate not being fun of if my question seems like its coming from a newb ... since it is haha

So I am reverse engineering a site that is promoting a CB product. The link I was given to promote the product with goes to the homepage of the product being offered. However, this affiliate I am reverse engineering has other links on his site that go to different pages of the product's website. Yet, I am only able to send people to the homepage with my link.

I checked the product's affiliate page directly and it seems that the only program it uses for affiliates is CB.

Can someone please help me figure out how this is possible and/or how I can send people to other pages of the site using my affiliate link.
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    You may want to contact the owner of the affiliate product and have he or she create you an affiliate link that points to a different page of the product. That would be the simplest solution.
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    Sometimes the creators of CB products have an affiliate page on their website with tools that their affiliates can use.

    If they have multiple banners that lead to different pages of the product, then all you have to do is strip the code from the banners that point to the other pages and append your CB username to the end of the location link.

    If they don't have an affiliate page then you'll just have to contact the creator.
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    contect the owner of product simple as that
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    Looks like you have specific things you want to achieve with the landing page. Might be faster to design/write up the page yourself and just link people directly to the checkout page.

    But I've never promoted Clickbank products so not sure if that's even possible with them. If it is, discuss it with the owner.
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    As others have said, you need to contact the owner, or recheck the promotional information you have.


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