Controlling and tracking your links on other peoples websites?

by chini
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Hi basically i have create a couple guest post articles which link to products on and other affilitate programs. These articles will be published on another persons website which i don't control.

I was wondering instead of actually posting the link (e.g. affiliate link, which would be long, etc) What are some ways to control the link, without getting the webmaster to always change it manually.

So basically what i want to do is create a URL/Links under my control, add it to the article, then remotely have the ability to change where the link goes or redirect too. If that make sense.

I know there is a way to do this, but im not sure how or the best way to approach this?

I also want to track each link, e.g. the number of clicks.

Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

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    I suggest using a URL shortener or tracker. These allow you to use more of a "command post" approach to using links in all of your content whether it's on your own site or someone elses. As long as you maintain your account with the link shortener or tracker you will always have access to the links you share. If you already have a Google Analytics account I recommend using Google URL Builder. Its free and the data will show up on your existing GA account.
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