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What exactly is the point in wso review copies?
Did anyone ever get a free review copy then go on to tell the truth about how poor the product is? Are people so afraid of offending others?
I was offered a review copy of a wso but told the author that my review would be a truthful one and guess what, I didn't hear from them again!
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    I also have noticed that review copies lacks truth.

    If some one tells truth to the wso creator that his wso is rehashed and crap.Offcourse this will effect his sales but some warrior says truth in suger coated words.But still overall reading WSO review you will get overall idea about what kind of product it is .The quality product will attract more customer's review.
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      It's just logical business practice.

      Imagine you're a WSO creator and you give 10 review copies out, hoping to get positive reviews because you've worked so hard on your product for the last several weeks and you're positive it's going to seriously help people.

      Then, out of the 10 reviews, 8 of them are stellar, 1 is so-so, and 1 is poor.

      Why in the world would you place the last 2 questionable reviews on your page? You're going to lose sales because your initial reviews contain two hints of doubt. Furthermore, those two reviews may be from two people looking to cast doubt intentionally.

      Now, c'mon, what would you do, knowing in your heart you had a good product?

      This is a classic case of "It is, what it is."

      We should never make up our minds to buy a product based solely on testimonials. It's better to look at the testimonials, and see if anything stands out as what you really need for yourself.
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    Originally Posted by Kayetee View Post

    Are people so afraid of offending others?

    They're afraid that if they take a review copy and write a bad review, nobody else will ever give them a review copy again, because they feel that they'll have breached the unwritten, implicit code of "I give you a free copy and you say only nice things about it".

    There are members here most/all of whose posts are WSO reviews offered in exchange for free copies (for myself, I'd regard a review from them as a liability rather than as an asset, but the people giving them the review copies apparently don't see it that way).

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