Recommendations for Free IM Training Audio?

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Hi Warriors,

So I recently have turned off the talk radio, since it is just depressing, and decided to make more efficient use of my "drive time".

I have started listening to all the IM Training MP3s that have accumulated on my hard drive. (I got a cheap MP3 player, all you do is plug it in with USB and drag the MP3s to it, then go!)

I'm almost out of MP3s - can anyone recommend some IM related MP3s that are downloadable? Or, for that matter, personal development etc.? I know there has got to be some good freebies out there - post here for all to enjoy and benefit from!

Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Rich,

    You can check out Yaro Starak's entrepreneurs - journey dot com. He has a good number of downloadable podcasts, most of which are interviews with successful internet marketers.

    Hope this helps

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      Thanks Tom, headed there now! Anyone else want to chime in?
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        If anyone else can come up with some other Ideas I would appreciate it as well. Thanks Tom for the Yaro Starak's link. That is good stuff but you can't download that and listen to it any where which makes me sad.... I know I have checked at my local library because you can always burn CDS from there, But my library doesn't have anything good. Any body else have any links? Thanks!

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    Sounds like some enterprising Warrior needs to start a site of IM Audio downloads! I'd pay for that...
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      Do you buy any IM courses? You can rip the audios to your computer and then put those on your MP3.

      I haven't done that specifically, but I've ripped the audio from John Maxwell's "Maximum Impact" CDs and out them on my iPod. He puts out a monthly audio CD on leadership (for his monthly Maximim Impact Club) and they are really good. I think the cost is $49 every three months or something like that. I'm not a member, but my sis and brother-in-law are, so I just borrowed them and put them on my iPod. Great stuff!

      I have other marketing audios and have put them on my iPod. I just have the iPod Nano and don't have room on it for my music plus all of the audios I have on various topics (marketing and personal development). So once I get through listening to a list of things, I delete it and put other things on there that I can listen to.

      I have Jim Rohn's 6-CD program "The Art of Exceptional Living." I need to rip that and put it on my iPod. The program overall seemed to me to be an excerpt of his 2-day presentation "The Weekend Seminar." I have the "Weekend Seminar" on cassette tape. A little aggravating that I can't rip THAT.

      Do you have any other stuff like that too -- stuff you might not have thought to put on your MP3 player?

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