Which is the best autoresponder to move my list to?

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I am one of the many Get Response clients who are having big problems with the service since the upgrade. So I am considering a new service. I have 10,000 names of buyers and subscribers. I don't want them to have to opt-in again (AWeber and AutomateYourList both require this).

I am looking for recommendations. iContact will accept the date stamp for my list. Do you have other ideas?

Thanks in advance. I am so sorry to have to make a switch, but I am a full-time Internet marketer and I can't afford these problems any longer.
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    Man thats a tough one. Have you tried calling Aweber personally to see if they can do anything special for you?
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    re: aweber...they won't consider it so don't even bother asking. I had a client with a huge offline list and they wouldn't allow him to migrate them over. He ended up losing nearly 3/4's of his list initially but has since been able to migrate the majority over. It took a year.

    Susan, I would probably consider purchasing autoresponder software and hosting it on your server. Just my 2 cents though.
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    that really tough. if you have very large list, then that would be a tough one. i dont know if you can settle this problem with autoresponder that host on your own hosting. if there someone have really good idea?
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    Mailchimp will play ball with you, they're reasonably priced and amazingly powerful, and have a great sense of humor:
    Can I Use A Purchased Email List?
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    Thanks for the advice. I have lots of options now and will make a decision in the next couple days. This is a big deal, as you can imagine. I have about 100 different messages that go to my list and now I have to re-create all that in a new system.

    But, I am so unhappy with the update that Get Response has initiated that I think I have to go elsewhere now.

    I appreciate all the input. Be blessed!
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    Here is the one you should be looking at my friend ^.^


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    Hope this helps!
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    It has to be aweber i adore them and i have never had a single problem with them.

    kind regards

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    Hi Susan,

    If you are going to install your own autoresponder software, make sure that your host can accomodate it. Nowadays, almost all shared host have a 200/hour (some more, some less) mailing limit which will take about 50 hours to mail to a list of 10000.

    And you can get an autoresponder software for free from Parabots Autoresponder System

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