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So today I was shopping at a Macys that was about to close and a sale person approach me and said I could flip the sales item in the store to make profit and as I was talking to him, he mention there's a alternative auction site that is similar to eBay is own by Alibaba. He told me that more people are leaving eBay and Paypal due to high surcharges and that site is slowly picking and will one day be going head-to-head with eBay. When i asked him what the site name he just went blank.

I was wondering if you guys know that auction site?

Also, they have their own payment method which is similar to Paypal.

I am currently looking into dropshipping and buying things from outlet store and reselling them on auction site but eBay just doesn't cut it for me, these days, due to robbing sellers.
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    Not sure which one specifically he was talking about, but I have used ebid.net for years. They have a decent following and I have sold lots of things on there and it is a lot cheaper then the big E.
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    Doesn't seem like is that one. He said it is owned by Alibaba.
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    Wow, the entire site is flooded with counterfeits!
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    Aliexpress, Dhgate, and similar sites owned by Alibaba.. Unfortunately these sites doesn't accept payment through paypal because of they sell counterfeits..
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    Damn! So it seems like the Chinese loves fake! No way they will go head-to-head with eBay unless they start mandating counterfeit and become reputable.
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