How to start affiliate marketing using blogs?

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How to start affiliate marketing using blogs?
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    How to start affiliate marketing using blogs?
    First, start out by thinking of a specific group of people in a particular set of areas / countries with a certain list of needs and problems about a specific group of topics / sub topics that can be resolved by a particular set of products and services from developers and service providers with their own affiliate programs, and/ or by a specific set of products / services in certain affiliate networks like Amazon and so on;

    Second, verify your ideas by going to heavily trafficked blogs, Web forums, sites and social networks where this specific group of people participate in relevant discussions, and by checking out the affiliate products / services that guarantee to resolve the particular set of problems and needs of those people;

    Third, find out the exact match keywords those people use in Google and Bing to search for possible solutions to their specific needs and problems;

    Fourth, create a professional-looking blog and an attention-grabbing, enticing and compelling opt-in offer that can help those people satisfy their related needs and solve their relevant problems;

    Fifth, post top quality content (about controversial news stories, topics that are relevant to your exact match keywords and market research data, trending videos, viral social network posts, etc.) in your blog that can show your target viewers your niche expertise and can establish your reputation among your target viewrs as a friendly niche expert;

    Sixth, sign up as an affiliate of developers / service providers / networks with products / services that can indeed help your target audience in resolving their related problems and in satisfying their relevant needs;

    Seventh, provide your subscribers with content through follow-up emails that can supplement the benefits they got from your opt-in offer and onsite content, and also promote your affiliate products / services as recommendations / suggestions to your subscribers;

    Eighth, integrate Bing remarketing and Facebook retargeting code into your blog's pages, so you can promote in Bing and Facebook your opt-in offer to people who have visited your blog but have yet to get your opt-in offer; and

    Ninth, build your presence in relevant social communities and content repositories like Facebook Fan pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog networks, Web forums, Youtube and so on by frequently participating in relevant discussions on those online places and by regularly sharing or posting beneficial content in those online places, in order to establish your reputation across those online places as a friendly niche expert; and

    Tenth, reach out to the admins / owners / Webmasters of those online places for possible guest posting arrangements, content syndication deals, advert and ad banner and mailing list ad placement agreements and so on. They'd most likely be receptive of your offers because you'd be a familiar name to them due to your frequent participation in their online properties. Try out other promotional methods as soon as you learn basics / fundamentals about these, such as PR distribution, PPC / PPM via Google and Bing Search and Display networks / Facebook / etc., private ad placements and so on...

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    basically: set up a site and write - write a lot, add product reviews with affiliate links. the more you write the faste you'll see success.
    also you need a plan in hand on how to market your site. "just" content marketing will be a long and hard way so better you expand and do both - lots of content (maybe hire out) and while doing that, market on e.g. social media

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    well start by reading what Marx Vergel Melencio just said, then read it again..
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    That's what I love about the Warrior Forum - You can always learn something new - like point 8 from Marx. I hadn't thought to integrate that for affiliate marketing before.

    My only other tip would be to try and choose something your are passionate about as it makes it much easier to keep working on all the tasks if you are not getting the results you expected.

    Another traffic method to add to Marx list that would fit in to point 10 is to look for other companion (but not competing) niches that your customers use and do joint ventures with website owners of these websites where you can cross promote your offers.

    Good luck.
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