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beside gmail for long term use? such as, (storage wise, liability, and safety).
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    Your own server on your own domain.
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    Set up your own email from your own site you can then set up gmail fetch it for you. Looks professional and you still have the convenience of gmail

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      Originally Posted by iansinfo View Post

      Set up your own email from your own site you can then set up gmail fetch it for you. Looks professional and you still have the convenience of gmail
      This is exactly what I do and it works great, really happy with it.
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  • gmail by far is the best one for me. They have a lot of features although its takes some getting used to. Just familiarize their shortcut commands and you'll see how nice their features are.
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      Besides Gmail there is Hotmail and Yahoo which are also free. You can probably make free email addresses from your internet provider (you@cableco.com) and use Microsoft Outlook or Firefox/Mozilla Thunderbird email clients.

      If you own a website domain you are probably allowed an infinite amount of email addresses. I have several websites and dozens of email addresses that I use for different things. They all funnel down to one email address so that I can check and see all emails in one place.
      If you do classified advertising
      You need a Delayed Autoreply Service
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    I have 200 email addresses with my domain. However, I use GMAIL because it's nice and easy to use.

    Works great for me!
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    beside gmail for long term use? such as, (storage wise, liability, and safety).
    I think Gmail is still the best that's what I use and I see that many other warriors as-well
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      Quite a lot of people do seem to think that Gmail passes for "professional" these days. I don't, myself. To me it looks like Hotmail, Yahoo and others. (I admit I may also be slightly biased by my desire, as a marketer, to have as little to do with Google as I can ).

      In business I've always used firstname.surname (at) mydomain.com as my email address, in each niche. You have to have a domain-name anyway, so why not use it for email, too, and "look the part"? Maybe I'm missing something, but I've never seen any downside at all to doing that.

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  • If you are using email for marketing or sales, whatever you do, don't use a free service. I can tell you the first thing I do when I receive a marketing pitch via email is to check the senders email.

    If it's a free service, I delete it. If it is attached to a website, I check out the site to see how legit the seller seems to be.

    You need to look professional, and in my humble opinion, sending marketing emails from gmail, hotmail, msn, outlook or yahoo doesn't.


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      Yep. If you want to look professional and be in control of your email, use your own domain as your email address.

      Downside of moving from Gmail? Well, if you'd miss having all your emails read by Google for "targeted advertising" purposes, I suppose you could always try CCing them on your correspondence. Might work.

      TOP TIP: To browse the forum like a Pro, select "View Classic" from the drop-down menu under your user name.

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    Like was mentioned in several posts here, it would be best for you to simply set up an email account on your hosting account and then point it to an email client such as Thunderbird or even Outlook.

    The really cool thing about this is, expecially if you're using Host Gator for your server is that if you have their Baby account, you can have an unlimited number of email accounts set up and then point all of those accounts to your email client where you receive all your messages, and that's really all that you need.

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