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Hello Warriors,

Tell me your method to finding your most profitable niches. Why? Because there are so many different ways out there to choose a niche to promote that it's plain confusing.

Some say... "Choose the niche you love." Others explain that,"There is a near scientific approach to finding the perfect niche that will generate a continuous income."

What's your method?
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    I'm looking forward to the answers you get on this. I too have heard both schools of thought, and I too am struggling with what niche to focus on.

    Here's where I'm at in my thinking...

    If your primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of people (and money is secondary), then start with what you love - and build out from there.

    If your primary goal is to make money, then start with and stay focused on market demand.

    I write for Suite101, and was making a pittance, while writing articles that interested me. But when I shifted towards writing for what the market wanted - and focusing closely on keywords - my income grew. I'm now making ten times a month what I was making 6 months ago! And it's because I started giving the marketplace what it wanted.

    Having said all that...

    I'm still struggling to find the right niche, because if you're going to build an opt-in list or start any kind of authority site, you have to position yourself as a credible expert. And if you don't like the niche, then it's going to be a real chore. So, I'm kind of stuck on that right now.

    So, I look forward to what others have to say.
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  • My strategy is to go into popular competitive markets. I've been making a full-time income online since 2002, and I'm in the most crowded "niches" - weight loss and business opportunity.

    Don't be afraid of competition. If a lot of people are selling something, that means that there are plenty of buyers.

    Whenever I tried to go into a smaller obscure "niche", my results were much worse then in the hot big markets.

    Best regards,
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      Melanie, I assume you try to differentiate yourself in those big niches by digging deep into sub-niches and establishing a USP. Right? Or am I over-thinking it?
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        I use a niche wizard/widget. I also check the trend
        marketing websites, among other things
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          Here is how I decide on a niche.

          I always look at the product and see if there is someone selling something similar for at least a $1000.

          If there is someone selling the same type of product for a high price then there is a pretty good chance that you can sell a lower dollar $20-50 version and make good sales.

          For example many people sell real estate investing seminars for $5000 a pop. There it would be a no brainer to come out with a $27, $47, or even $97 ebook or course on real estate investing.

          Another example, people pay thousands for a stock investing seminar so a lower priced ebook or course would sell well in the same subject matter.

          The above rule is mostly for info products though.

          For physical products most will not be selling for $1000 plus so here is what I do.

          I pick a niche, any niche will do, I go to someone's webpage who has a store online with a really high pagerank and is selling hundreds of products on their site.

          I look to see what these established stores are selling on their homepage. If they are a big online store and are listing it on their homepage, which is their best space, then the product is probably a hot seller and a good one to sell also.

          Hope that helps,
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        1) are the people in the niche willing to spend money?
        2) can I find those people?
        3) can I get them to my site cost effectively?

        So far, I've only gone after larger niches, since you can scale up if things start panning out for you.


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    I really love art, and would love to be able to sell marketing advice to artists. But... I am very aware that artists aren't big into investing in personal development (or is that a presumption).

    How would I work out what makes money in the art world as a niche?
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    I found my greatest niche by tapping into what I knew more than a MILLION people had on their mind at the time. I knew there would be tens of thousands looking for information. So I wrote an eBook that gave them what they needed, sold it for a very affordable price, and the rest was $$ in my PayPal account.

    So I say, check out what is going on in the nation/world and then brainstorm about what people need . . . answer their need with a product and you've got a recipe for success!

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    Use misspelled concept to dominate undominated niche...
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      I recently did a blog post about this. I generally combine both approaches. When looking for niche ideas, I start with things that I am interested in-it makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable for me if I can build an income stream around a hobby or interest. But after I get a list of niche ideas together, I go through a research process for market validation. No matter how passionate I am about something, there has to be a potential for profit to make it worthwhile.

      That's not to say that I would never enter a niche I wasn't personally interested in, now that I have some systems and assets in place. But I prefer to enjoy my work.

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