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Hi everyone!

I am thinking about putting together a comprehensive training course on how to set-up and build your website, from scratch, using WordPress. Over the last year, I have been converting all of my websites over to WordPress. I have learned a ton, and it is so much more powerful than I originally thought.

In any case, I know there are many "drag & drop" site building services out there, but they are extremely limited. I feel those new to web development are intimidated by many platforms (including WordPress), and shy away from them. For whatever the reason, I'd like some feedback/honest opinions about if you think this would be a useful training course.

I would set it up as separate video training modules, and go over everything from purchasing cheap hosting/domain names, getting WordPress set up on your new domain, and then go into explaining how WordPress sites are structured and how simple it is to create content rich websites and landing pages. I would give you a real "over my shoulder" look into a few of my actual sites that I built using WordPress, and also include lessons on integrating auto-responders (for list building) and publishing different types of offers, either using "Buy" buttons or CPA offers, etc.

I feel many people are either paying ALOT to have a webmaster set up their site/landing pages for them, or paying subscription fees for some of the "drag and drop" website creators, which in my opinion are very limited as to what you can do.

With WordPress, you CAN create awesome sites quickly & easily...and you have full control over the offers, building your list, making edits, etc. Anyway, apologies for the long explanation...right now, creating a training course is just a thought, and I'd like some feedback from all levels (newbies to experienced IMers) as to whether you think this would be wanted by the IM community. If the demand/need isnt there, there is no point i me investing a ton of my time developing it. Also, to be clear, this would be a paid product...I was thinking of making it a one time payment (under $100) for access to a members area that contained all of the training videos and materials.

Thanks in advance for the honest feedback!

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    It would be useful for extremely green newbies. Yo also have to remember there are many wordpress tutorial courses already existing. That being said - it would be very useful if done in the correct way, tailored toward certain interne marketing tasks.
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    I think you will have a very hard time selling a course like that unless you target a specific niche.

    There are tons of videos free on YouTube and there are tons of "How to build WordPress site" PLR videos that are given away by every marketer.

    There are some amazing videos on YouTube if you haven't searched around.

    If you want to charge money for something like this you should make it very targeted.

    Like "How to build a Complete Amazon Affiliate site in WordPress" or "Build a Complete sales funnel in WordPress"

    Something that addresses a specific need in a site that is in "hot" niche in IM.

    That would be things like:

    Amazon sites (Simple slap-em up niche sites don't work anymore)
    Sales Funnels and Squeeze Pages (These can be tricky in WP without specialty themes or plugins)
    CPA Landing pages

    It would add a lot of value if you could add your own custom theme or plugin as part of the package. If you know your way around WP and have some ideas of ways to add something or make a manual process easier it shouldn't be hard to make a simple but useful plugin or custom theme.
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    Originally Posted by infoguy83 View Post

    If the demand/need isnt there, there is no point i me investing a ton of my time developing it.
    The demand is there, the need is there. But there are thousands of resources offering both free and paid training courses already on everything you're talking about.
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    This is useful for people who are new to setting up websites. There will be demand and there will be a pretty strong competition as well.
    Maybe you need to market it in creatively. Like partnering up with people who offer related products (that complements than compete).
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    Sincerely... I would not. But just because the knowledge required to set up a website that allows you to start a business is just a Google click and a few learing hours away, if you are familiar with computers. For the things I use it, I don't need more than the basics.
    Maybe if I started with high amounts of money I wouldn't mind to pay for a course to learn something like this, but it is not the case.

    Anyway, if you find an audience that would certainly be interested on this, just go ahead. I'm just letting you know which audience would not be.
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    Thanks for all of the honest replies all! I really appreciate it. It sounds like I'm going to shy away from this one. I know there are tons of free resources, but thought I could add value by providing real-life training using a couple of my actual sites that make money. As many of you stated, there probably just isnt enough demand from those willing to pay, esp with so many free resources.

    On to the next!
    If you do not go after what you want, you'll never have it.
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    Tutorials on setting up Wordpress are rampant on Internet. I would firstly suggest to do some extensive Market Research.
    See what type of tutorials are already available. what are they teaching, where are they being offered. Do a SWOT Analysis.
    A lot of FREE video tutorials are still available on YouTube. But still I am seeing paid Wordpress courses on Udemy. How is yours different from the ones currently offered?
    If you are able to bolster killer USPs of your Wordpress tutorial which are currently not found in other tutorials, then the prospects are good.
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    It definitely sounds like a useful training course, but...what makes it special? There a bunch of other "Make a Wordpress website" tutorial products out there, and they all have reviews, sales, traffic, and a reputation with their markets. This will make it very difficult to make any sort of profit when competing with these products, unless, you offer something that your customers cannot refuse. What that is, is totally up to you. Just my thoughts.
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    Yes I think it's a very good idea even if other have given away stuff like this in the past for free. The thing about free stuff that is already out there is that it's only bits and pieces of info.

    And even if there were some marketers offering free info, it most likely won't be very thorough. Remember the words FREE here.

    Now your course can be offered right here in WF for a fee. NOT FREE.

    And judging by the questions that people keep asking, I think the people right here in this forum need it.

    Yes some newbies as they love to call themselves want FREE but if your stuff is Value Based it will attract paying customers with the 'right' mindset who will be ready to pay you.
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