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I've been marketing my dog training services for about a decade now. I sell local dog training to our market here in Utah and I sell DVDs and other programs to people outside Utah.

I'm also fluent in Spanish.

The Spanish market isn't nearly as big as the English speaking market for dog training. Nor does it have as much money per capita. But...there is VERY low competition.

So I've been thinking about getting started in marketing online dog training to a Spanish speaking market.

Here is where I get caught up.

I've primarily sold my products and services but I know there are a lot of options for me to monetize a site and brand in the English language. I can throw up google ads, amazon affiliate stuff, clickbank and cj products, sell my own ads or sponsorships, and a ton more.

But I don't know the best ways to monetize a spanish brand. For example, my thought was that I would start a Youtube channel and blog and monetize with adsense. Beyond that, though, I have questions like:

- Can you make money with affiliate products like Amazon? I don't even know if they service latin american countries?

- Clickbank is out, all their spanish language products are crap. Are there other marketplaces for spanish speakers?

- I don't even know about creating my own products. In a lot of Latin America where I've been and lived there are a lot less people using credit cards. If I created a product for this market do you use paypal as the gateway? What are some examples of people selling info products to the latino market?

- What are other strategies that are used for this type of endeavor? Any blogs or resources for someone looking to learn more about this?

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