Whats The Best Way To Promote A Credit Repair Offer?

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As tittle says the all. Looking for suggestions.
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  • Mazzuca,

    I'd do the following things to promote a credit repair offer:

    1. Create a comprehensive written guide with an attention-grabbing, enticing and compelling headline like "12 Brutal Mistakes to Make When Repairing Bad Credit (And How You Can Avoid Them)" and a brief video guide with 15 tips and tactics that can supplement the benefits provided in the written guide material -- Of course, the written guide and video guide should be professionally designed, quick and easy to understand and simple to follow;

    2. Post the downloadable guide materials as an opt-in offer in the landing page of my site, of course with an attention-grabbing, enticing, professionally designed and compelling copy that instantly communicates the primary benefits that my target viewers can get from the downloadable offer;

    3. Integrate into my autoresponder a set of non-promotional follow-up emails that can provide supplemental benefits to my subscribers (those who downloaded my opt-in offer in exchange for their emails), such as more tips and tactics, etcp, and send promotional follow-up emails from time to time with reviews of the top 3 or so credit repair service providers along with a compelling recommendation for my credit repair offer;

    4. Create teaser written content (like the first 3 or so mistakes in my example opt-in offer headline above) and teaser video content (like first 3 or so tips in my example video guide above) and post it in my site, my Youtube channel and my Facebook page, with a compelling call to action that points to my downloadable opt-in offer;

    5. Integrate Facebook retargeting code and Bing remarketing code into my landing page, into my post with my teaser written content and teaser video guide and into the other posts / pages of my site;

    6. Implement a Facebook post boost campaign for my teaser written content with teaser video content post in Facebook so as to promote my opt-in offer. Also implement a Facebook right column and news feed PPC / PPM campaign for my opt-in offer. Also promote my opt-in offer by advertising my teaser video guide in Youtube. Also promote my opt-in offer via Bing Search and Display PPC and via Google Adwords Search and Display PPC;

    7. Frequently participate in relevant discussions on heavily trafficked niche-related sites, blogs, Facebook groups, Web forums and Facebook fan pages, especially in niche-related blogs, sites and Web forums with top ranking pages in Google and Bing for my target exact match keywords -- I'd regularly share in those online places helpful advice, insightful comments, related stories and my teaser written guide and teaser video guide only when allowed (shouldn't appear as spam); and

    8. Gather the contact details of the owners / Webmasters / admins of the online places above, in order to contact them for possible guest posting arrangements, content syndication partnerships, ad banner / advert / mailing list ad placement deals (for my opt-in offer), JV arrangements and so on -- They'd most likely be more receptive of my offers since I'd possibly be a familiar name to them due to my frequent participation in their online properties...

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    You could always get some one off fiver to hand out leaflets out side a bank or those places that offer high interest loans due to bad credit rating
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    Originally Posted by mazzuca View Post


    As tittle says the all. Looking for suggestions.
    You could post in the financial section of Craigslist.
    You could also Google "credit repair mailing list"
    If you find a list of people looking to repair their credit and you have
    a great product to do it you will make a TON of money
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    Below are some tips that will help you build your business in any particular niche you desire.

    1.) Study your niche inside and out. Learn everything you can about your particular niche.
    -Determine if your products and services genuinely help your prospects

    2.) Set up something like a Free Video / Guide anything of value to capture emails.
    - From there create a follow up series and genuinely help your subscribers with their biggest issues.
    - Recommend your products and services to them

    3.) Market to your particular niche, find out exactly where these people hang out
    - Target your market by going to Forums specific to your niche and become an active poster
    - Blog , Guest Blog, Video Market with targeting your exact list of keywords related to your niche
    - Paid marketing : Solo ads (contacting blog owners in your niche), Facebook PPC, Banner Ads

    Always remember: study your niche, build your list, and market every single day!

    Don't forget you are in the business of helping people and providing solutions related to your niche!

    The money WILL follow!
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    Craigslist Financial service is your best bet. If you aren't experienced with Craigslist then i would suggest hiring a professional, U.S-based Craigslist posting service to do it for you. That way, you won't deal with the headache.
    Classified Posting & Ad Management Expert
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    If it's your own offer I would establish relationships with mortgage brokers or car dealers and pay them a fee for each paying client you get.
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