How to open an account in Jvzoo without paypal?

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hi, i want to open an account in jvzoo affiliate programme but i have no paypal account.
is there any way to open account in jvzoo without there any other payment option in jvzoo? it will be very helpful for me if any one answer.
thnx in advance.
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    I don't know, but I bet if you write to their support, they could tell you right away. From my dealings with JVZoo support, they are very responsive and quick

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    you can go to paypal website to register .that is very simple .but their server is expensive .
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    I'd get in touch with JVZoo support as mentioned by Michael Shook.
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    You can also use in JVZoo, but I wonder why you won't go with PayPal. What's the problem ? Takes you a few minutes to set it up and a few days to confirm your identity and bank account.

    But I'm sure you NEED a PP account because of the way payouts and refunds are issued. Everyone who uses JVZoo as an affiliate or vendor goes through PP, and I'm sure you'll have to do the same in order for it to work properly.

    I think if you use another payment system, then the refund can't be grabbed back off and credited back to someones PP account. Not sure though. Plus you can't accept recurring payments with

    As has been said above, you're asking the wrong people. Go and create a support ticket in JVZoo instead of relying 100% on what we say. Sorry to say, but to help you out I went and logged into my own JVZoo account and looked. Can't understand why you didn't do the same. Took me 10 seconds to find the above info out.

    Sorry to be so blunt about it.

    In fact scrub all the above info. I just noticed that it says is for vendors only. So to answer your question ... No, you must have a PP account.
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