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There are many good password generators out there, but I love this one created by Dan Nickerson. It allows you to pick and choose many options and you can generate a batch of passwords all at once.

Password Generator (no affiliation)
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    Thanks, just checked it out, looks good! will def use this in the future for creating PW's . cheers again for sharing!
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    There are many good password generators out there,
    ...and right between my ears.
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    Thank Gene, BUT..........
    I feel uncomfortable creating passwords online at "some guys" site.
    I also feel uncomfortable creating passwords at a HTTP site instead of a HTTPS site.
    The site is not secured. I understand my IP address is available at every site I visit, so every password I create would be visible.
    Bob Hale
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    Hi Bob, I understand the concern. This particular site is owned/run by a totally professional and reputable dude - Dan Nickerson. He's one of the very best, and honest guys in the business.
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