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I want to tell you about the most important marketing lesson I have ever learned, that came from none other than MLM.

You see folks, when I first started the path to financial freedom, I did so promoting Mona Vie, some juice type shit for the **** Berry that was somehow a major competitor to another MLM company, Amway.

Eventually, I got tired of promoting the shit (mainly because I was 18 and felt like I was scamming people) so decided to jump on the online (MLM) bandwagon. This is when I signed up for some company called Academy Team Solutions.

They actually had something a bit more "promotable" than the previous ones. Hosting, Autoresponder, and webinar rooms.

Between both of these companies, one of the underlying concepts for your marketing strategy was the ol' saying - "Get Three and it's free".

For those who might not know already - what we basically meant by this was to pull in three suckers, sorry - customers, and keep them on each and every month and then you would have your service for free - so you wasn't out any money.

What can I say, we were cheap?

But, then - we would have to go through, and teach those three the same concept, so they would then go forth and get free services (Yay?).

Well, eventually I got tired of playing this game because of just how damn hard it was to keep people signed up.

So I started looking outside of MLM and what other kind's of opportunity's were available online. (Which is how I found IM).

It's been a few year's since I gave that up, but that concept still stuck with me throughout my business.

Every day I would catch myself focusing on get three, and eventually I became a little OCD about it (surprise?) .

Everything in my business tended to revolve around the concept, so rather than fight it - I gave in and started to look at how I could embrace it.

That's when I discovered the concept called "The Law Of 1,000". Seth Godin actually discussed in after the release of "Purple Cow".

Of course, he's not the only one to utilize (or talk about) it. Author's, models, bands, and more.

The Law Of 1,000 states: For anyone to make enough money to live on, they only need 1,000 true fans.

These fan's are the ones who purchase every single thing you put out.

The one's who like, comment, share, and promote YOU willingly.

The one's who would pay $10,000 and fly 4,000 mile's across the country to meet you in person.

Get the gist? I'm going to assume so, I'm kind of running out of examples for it.

The actual rule was developed as a way to measure the building of a tribe though. When I discovered this law, I immediately made a connection between "Get Three" and it.

What happens, is when you commit every single day, to just get three new prospects into your funnel, then within a year, you should have reached your number for the Law Of 1,000 - or the very least gotten halfway to it.
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    I get it. It's good to have a paradigm that you subscribe to keep you motivated to succeed. There is definitely a "fan base" that we marketers promote to which is why we build lists. 1000 fans should make us all rich! Lol Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
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    The law of 1000

    Yeah I believe that. I'm all about building a quality relationship with my list, and have def made alot of money even with small lists.

    Very nicely put man, thanks for sharing!


    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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    Yeah for sure bro! I still do Network Marketing because I like the entire concept of it. But I'll admit it does get to be tiring recruiting and teaching others to recruit who teach others to recruit.

    It just doesn't work as well as promised by the big leaders and companies.

    I think thats cool what you said about the law of 1000. I never heard it before.
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    Great headline for the the thread too. A really good way to attract attention, especially on a forum like this one.

    I too had never heard of the rule of 1000, but it seems like a good one to build upon. Many thanks for your post here.


    Steven Lucas
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    Kevin Kelly first wrote about this in 2008 (no idea if he originated the concept) in a very detailed article on the concept of '1000 True Fans' and the 'Longtail'.

    Excellent reading.

    The Technium: 1,000 True Fans

    There is also some good update material at the bottom.
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      Believe it or not . . .

      Recruiting and getting fans to subscribe to your business doesn't have to be a huge pain and a continual fight.

      There are businesses where fans join steadily with very little recruitment effort on the part of the business owner.

      There are three elements to that "perfect storm."

      1- The topic of your business has to be very targeted. In fact, every prospect has to want desperately exactly what you're offering.

      2- What you offer has to be very high quality; so high in fact, that your business is really the only logical and smart choice for your fans among all the competitors in the niche.

      3- Joining (subscribing to) your business offers no risk to the prospect whatsoever (other than giving away his contact info). Joining has to be painless and a no-brainer.

      And to be honest, YOU can make this perfect storm happen in your niche if you go about it in the right way.

      Here's to your success, and thanks for the thread Matt!


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    interesting read, and I had a similar experience messing around with those kind of schemes before I ventured into IM
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    The one's who would pay $10,000 and fly 4,000 mile's across the country to meet you in person.
    I already have enough stalkers...but thanks.

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