Causes of failure online?

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Hey there,

Hassan here (aka the Moroccan Blogger). I've been successful online for a rather short period of time, I've been lurking around this forum and others for sooo many years. Check out my join date there

I have started many a venture and many a website just to get stuck and give up after a while, but I changed a few things about how I think of my non-existent online business, that's when things have changed for me.

When I think of it, If I had taken any of the courses and coaching I paid for seriously, I would have been successful a long, long time ago, but I just didn't. Until the year 2013.

I want to know what made you guys change course? What drove you to become successful? to start that one project that changed everything for you?

How did it happen?
Please share you stories, I love hearing about turning points in others' entrepreneurs lives!
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    #1 Cause, lack of action

    As for what made me start doing well. Well I wish I could have one of those cool storys about how I lived in my moms basement, was broke ,etc. But the truth is thats not the truth, I was successful literately from the start. Why? 40% because I did a lot of planning. 60% luck.
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      Originally Posted by brutecky View Post

      #1 Cause, lack of action
      Same here. I done a lot of learning myself and even though I'm grateful for what I know now, actually stepping in and taking action is what I did less off which caused a lot of setbacks.

      I think there is also a major fear of commitment. When those who struggle go at it alone, it appears as though everything is a gamble. You have to really show that you can lead because without leadership you lose authority and then it becomes a lot harder to resonate with your subscribers. Without the relationship building, you're basing results on luck and that itself all comes back towards taking action.
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        I spent a lot of money on stuff that was very shiny, but almost useless, because I had no frame of reference to judge by. I found that many of the items I bought were old and outdated and the creators were selling them after they had ceased working.

        But that experience taught me well, so it wasn't all bad. I learned a lot about how to treat people, how not to treat people and eventually found my niche online.

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    1. Consistency and action.
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    Like others above said, lack of action, lack of a plan, and lack of drive and consistency.
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      I was not focused when I first started IM as initially I was distracted by a lot of things and what seems like real easy stuff to do to make money online. Turned out I was wrong as I was too overwhelmed with doing too many things at one time. To be successful I've learned to focus on just one thing that you know worked for me. I even unsubscribed to every site and newsletter that I had subscribed to. You see in order to be successful you must have the right mindset to drive the specifics of how to make money online even if that means making many personal sacrifices.
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      Hello Hassan,
      I think doing to much dillydallying around and not seeing a Profit within a reasonable period of time can cause failure with many.

      I started blogging 7 years ago and made money within a month or so with Adsense and CPA.

      It just mushroomed from there.

      I really think that a Newbie should Plan and not rush into things, but on the flip side I think it is important for the Newbie get to work so he can taste that first few bucks of Profit.

      Just so as to prove to himself this stuff is doable.

      That is important. You MUST get on the " scoreboard" relatively quickly, and create a positive atmosphere around you and in your Mind !!

      This will give you Momentum

      - Robert Andrew
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