How to spot if your PTC will really pay you to click

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Hope all's doin well

I'm researching for information about Pay-to-click programs.

I'm planning to build a website that will serve as a PTCJunction. Will have articles discussing how PTC's work and also list reliable PTC's

I've already laid down the foundation.

1. Signed up to all bookmarking sites in SOCIALMARKER and ONLYWIRE
for traffic links.

2. I already have the best website maker which can produce professional webpages in minutes, though it is only an evaluation version for 30 days (it's not mine, you can download it at Cnet.Com - webpage maker)

3. I already have the articles on how this is done.

4. I will initially host this on a free hosting site which give a decent sub-domain name.

My only problem is:

1. When I search for PTC's the ones that give big sign-ups and click commissions are tagged as scams on forums.

2. The ones that are discussed as paying, showing proofs of payment, pay very little. .01 per click .005 per affiliate click.

My question:

1. Has anybody in this site made a quite decent amount with PTC's ?
2. Been paid by PTC's ?
3. What are they? please put them in so I can consolidate them.

Thanks co-warriors!


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