Any tips on how to best advertise my graphics business??

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For the least amount of dough?
Or this the wrong section???
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    Provide a good and honest service and let your customers promote you.
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      Originally Posted by whateverpedia View Post

      Provide a good and honest service and let your customers promote you.
      Do you have to provide good and honest at the same time or can you alternate between the two on odd days?
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    You could put together market specific graphics packs together and sell them as a product to customers and produce more graphics to release every month to people who pay a subscription fee, you could potentially link this to sales page / squeeze page graphics as well. Offer a standard service and a priority service with different pricing points.

    With a promotion of the right kind you could be introduced to hundreds or even thousands of potentially new customers for your business.

    Maybe you could also offer to do some graphics for leading business owners products / sales pages etc for free to build up relationships.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you have original graphic skills, you could develop elements and market those graphics, If your using RF products which are not original then it might be a lot more difficult to explore the IM side of revenue generation. Do you develop original graphic elements?
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    Hello! If your graphic business is something unique, really one of a kind you should not have problem advertising for it. You could also start with prices a little lower than the ones already on the market. But this financial aspect can be decided only by you. If you feel you have a killer product then, by all means, ask as much as you think it deserves. Good luck!
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    There are tons of methods you can use to advertise your business. Here are some off the top of my head:

    1. Warrior for hire section - or just any advertising section in webmaster or internet marketing forums - a thread costs only a one time fee of $20 and $20 each time you want to bump it, so that's not a lot in terms of start up costs.

    2. Freelance sites - I see a lot of designers making some serious dough in sites like Odesk, so why not try your hand there. I believe it takes some time to build your reputation there though, just like with any other marketing platform. Offer services at a slightly lesser rate until you get your first 1-2 reviews so your future clients won't hesitate to buy from a newbie.

    3. Go local - Do you have web design companies in your locality? Maybe you could offer your design services to these companies on a freelance basis? You don't have to stick to your city or even country; just start hitting up companies city-wise and someone will bite.

    As I said, these are just some of the methods. Who could benefit from graphics (maybe logo, business cards etc)? Make a list and see how to reach them, then reach them.That's all there is to it.
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    You of course, need somewhere to start. Let your work go viral through social media, facebook, twitter, and ask your most recent customers to give a review of your work like maybe on their wall.
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