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Good Morning,

I am the owner of a celebrity blog and forum, I have seen that its possible to sell website on the internet so I was checking an online tool and I found the value of my site is around $75,000.

I really would like to sell it as soon as possible.

Can you guys give me a confirmation about the metric and system used to evaluate my website?

Please take a look to: How much is the Blog Value? - How much is your blog worth?Website Worth Check & Domain Value Calculator

Thank you a lot!
Sarah Jefferson
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    An automated tool can never give you an accurate valuation, especially where it doesn't take into account financials. You should completely ignore automated tools - it could be far too high or far too low.

    Valuation is a complex process, generally you would need to speak to an experienced broker with knowledge of the current market. You will hear people talk about "oh just multiply profit by 15" and other inaccurate information - all that leads to is people either grossly overvaluing their sites, or massively undervaluing and selling themselves short.

    I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. No obligation, confidential valuation here.
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      Why sell if you can monetize it?
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  • Look at many different price valuation sites, as well as comparing your site to other competitors and there valuations..

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    There are many tools over the internet that will tell you the value of your website, but none of them are actually accurate
    The important thing is to find someone willing to pay as much as possible for it, and for that you need to show some good traffic, good rankings and "sell" the possibility of making lots of money with it (so it would be a good investment for the buyer).
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    These automated tools don't give an good estimate at all. Usually you can get 12-24 times of what you earn in a month.
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