What is Up with Squidoo?

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I made 3 unique lenses, added quality content, keyworded. Published them. Edited republished.

I submitted them to feeds, pinged, bookmarked and submitted directly to google and yahoo. They are still not indexed. Not one of them and it has been over a week.

Thoughts on this?
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    Give it a few months. Seriously. It takes a LONG time for stuff to get indexed in the search engines.

    Brandon Doyle
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      Originally Posted by doylesoft View Post

      Give it a few months. Seriously. It takes a LONG time for stuff to get indexed in the search engines.
      I think it has more to do with Squidoo and getting indexed because I have a brand new domain and got top spot in Google in 5 days for a highly competitive keyword phrase which is now bringing in a lot of traffic...

      Just getting indexed in Google shouldn't take long at all...

      Mike Hill
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    I had the same trouble with that site. I gave up on it but Brandon is probably right. I know its taken a while for my wordpress blog to get some quality traffic.
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    Link the lenses together. When one of them get indexed, the others will as well.
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    The lenses are already linked.

    I write for content sites and find my content is often at the top of the pile within hours.

    If it takes months for Squidoo it definitely does not seem worth it.

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    How do you know they're not indexed? Try copying the first 2-3 lines from your first text module and putting it into the Google search box and see if your page come up. Also, Google will only return two Squidoo lenses for any search term (phrase). If Google is already showing two Squids for your search term already, you will never show in the results for your search term unless you can beat one of those two lenses out in Google's eyes.

    If there are two Squidoo lenses already showing for your search term, check their keyword density at live-keyword-analysis and their backlinks at YaHoo Site Explorer. Do what they are doing but do it better. You can still get lenses to show in a day or two if you do it right. Good luck!

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    I now have 8 lens with squidoo. I never had that problem so I don't know the answer. I just know squidoo works for me. I also had a step by step guide to teach me how to do it. I have only been doing this for about 5 months and just started using squidoo 2 months ago, but squidoo pays my bills. I started there because it was easy and I do not know enough to build my own site yet. Once thats done, I will ppoint all my lens to the site. Its on my list of things to do. Right now I will keep doing the squidoo because it works for me. The first 30 days or so my lens were just getting referral traffic, now they are about 50% organic traffic. How or why I wish I knew, all I know is I did what the guide told me to and it worked. So I look at it like this. Lets say I have 8 lens.

    If each lens makes me an average of $60.00 a week thats $480.00 a week, so I make 8 more now we are at $960.00 per week and so on and so forth. And as time goes by and you write more articles and drive more traffic the sky is the limit. If squidoo goes under though or makes any drastic changes I am screwed.
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    I am done with that site. They closed down quite a few of my lenses with their new rules, even ones that were borderline on the forbidden niche list.

    But when I was a squidooer, I found it pretty hit or miss. Sometimes lenses would get indexed quickly and sometimes not.

    Mike is right about 2 lenses in the SERPS, so check that out. Otherwise move on and use something else...
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    Hi Lilblackdress,

    I actually did a case study for a product that was using Squidoo lens and had the exact same problem. And this was despite the fact that I was using ezine articles and other article directories (as well as RSS feeds, ect) to link them up. It took roughly 2 months for them to get indexed using the products methods.

    Interestingly enough, I did several hubpages with the same niche and was indexed within 2 hours without any backlinks.

    A lot of times it depends on how many other pages are indexed in the same niche on the site (or at least that is how it was explained to me)

    You can read the article here if you want....

    On Guru Launches, Hubpages and One Week Marketing Updates | Internet Marketing Techniques and Theories
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    I've had lenses index within a day... your keyword may need to be baclinked a little more. How much competition are your keywords fighting with?

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    Have you pushed the publish button? lol....

    Just kidding.

    Something must be wrong here. What is your content about? Is it spammy a little?

    You should know that Google can get you blacklisted faster than you think if you fill your site with to much affiliate links.

    By the way, what is your method to check if you're indexed?
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    Keyword does have a lot to do with it I think. I guess everyone has thier preferences but like Mike above 2 of my lens are ranked in the top 5 in google for a very competetive key word, one is ranked about the site of the author who wrote the book I am promoting. I still don't know why though.
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    Also keep in mind that Squidoo has its own algorithms, if something sets up a flag for your site, it won't even show up in Squidoo search, so Google won't even know your lens exists.

    Check to see if you can search it first inside squidoo, maybe something went wrong there, what they consider "trash content" is very broad so that could be the problem.
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    To search for them, I put the full name of each of the lenses in quotes in Google and they do not show up. But a post I made where I listed one of the lenses does and one of the feeds I put the link to one of the lenses does.

    The key words I am using are very low competition for the niche.

    I think its easier just to direct traffic to my main website.

    Even if the lens does not index high...it should show up if it is in quotes shouldn't it? I have never had trouble getting indexed in Google before except with these Squidoo lenses.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Try doing a search for site:squidoo.com/yourlens and search exactly for your URL, that is how I check if I am indexed. Also, have you tried getting backlinks to it yet? Find some good relevant blogs and leave a quality comment that links to your lens. Get some links from social bookmarking sites too, and soon you should be indexed. I usually get indexed within a few days (although I must admit I haven't been using Squidoo too much lately).
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    Keep updating your content (once a week or two), and continue to build links to your lenses. Google will eventually see that your lens is an authority on the subject and will rank it higher.

    Find some groups to join in Squidoo as well. That might help a tad.
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    What I've seen also is very weird ranking in the first weeks for a new lens, google will sometimes place your lens in the very first page, drop it (basically disappear it) and then a few weeks later it pops up again; if you have good content and see no reason why your lens should be banned wait for a few weeks, it might just come up again!
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