How To Attract people to promote your product ?

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Hello, Can anybody help on ways to attract Jv's Or Affiliates To Promote a Product For you ?!
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    Is your product proven to convert on your own without affiliates? Affiliates should only be a secondary traffic source you should never rely on them to bring you traffic as some "Guru's" have mentioned in other courses I have purchased. If your offer converts on your own than you can try listing it in plces like Affiliate Program database here on WF, you can also list it on places such as Clickbank and JVZoo. Also having an offer that pays affiliates out well is what you want. Make it a win / win for everybody and you will not have any problems attracting affiliates.
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    As mentioned above I think that your strongest appeal comes from
    how the traffic is already converting. If the product is already selling
    well then you'll only have to show evidence of such and affiliates will
    be breaking down your door.

    It's much like any Marketplace where they show the sales stats for
    the product--the past sales of the products is what sells affiliates on
    promoting that product.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Adding to what's already been said, here are five other ideas:
      1. Give affiliates a larger percentage of the sales price than other similar products give their affiliates
      2. Give affiliates a chance to promote recurring income products
      3. Allow affiliates to share in the OTOs, cross sells, up sells, down sells
      4. Provide all the copy and images for their review or affiliate promotions
      5. Offer payouts as soon as possible (depending upon the system used)
      Remember why they are promoting your products. It's not because they like you or want to do you any favors. This is business and they are in it to make money.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Thanks For Clarifications Guys
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    I am no master by any means but one thing I have noticed when it comes to affiliates and JV partners. The more of a name you make for yourself, the easier it is to attract affiliates. Actually they will start contacting you. So then it becomes more about, how can I increase my "celebrity/authority" status. I think the simple answer is publish high quality free content in areas like youtube and your blog to start to build a following around you.

    Ultimately, when you are talking about your career and making money online it will be beyond just the one product so your almost playing a game of chess. Making strategic moves for the future.
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    My take on this is that this is all down to relationship building. If you want to have affiliates on board then you need to develop a working relationship with them and provide value to their business long before you can expect that in return. If a product owner sees you trying to make sales for their business or that you promote their business and brand, maybe you hit their leaderboards for sales or get noticed for what you bring to the table then at some point you look to seek reciprocation for your efforts. This can also apply if you have a skill that you are willing to share and go out and do some work for the product owner to relieve them of some of their time at little expense for them, they may look to help you in return.

    I don't like the idea of all the secret handshakes that go on, and the 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' mentality in that only certain affiliates will only promote certain vendors rather than immediately looking at the quality of the product and what it can do / bring, but it is ABSOLUTELY down to the relationship that's developed sometimes over years of being in the industry.

    There are no 'stepping stones' or 'shortcuts' to speak of, not unless you invest in a mentor who will back you and your product launches if that product delivers real value. That is really the only helping hand you can get UNLESS you have a game changing product like some software that can change the marketplace. Similarly to how video creation products entered the marketplace in the last year with them selling a combined total for the front end product of over 50,000 units in the last 12 months and if you include their funnels your looking at 110,000 sales. That is a game changer that every marketer and their dog would be involved in promoting because it made making animated videos accessible to those without the skills or experience to make it in the expensive purpose built software. These are few and far between kinds of products.

    My advice is to get out there and deliver real value to your marketplace and look to convert your own subscribers into customers and as Matthew pointed out, don't rely on affiliates as your main source of traffic and instead assert your authority in the marketplace by delivering real value to your audience and build a tribe of followers that will effectively become brand advocates for your business and attract new customers for you by sharing their own feedback about you around the web.

    Once you have your tribal following and a great community behind you and you have the ability to convert visitors into subscribers and the subscribers into customers with relative ease then chances are you will have affiliates chasing you down to promote for you, and if you've got to this point then you are unlikely to actually need the support.
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    Originally Posted by Amine Boudhief View Post

    Can anybody help on ways to attract Jv's Or Affiliates To Promote a Product For you ?!
    This question seems to be asked almost once per day, at the moment (which is why there are so many threads covering it!).

    For the serious, pro-affiliates, payment reliability is going to be a huge issue: many will be willing to look only if it's through some network like ClickBank where our commission payments are guaranteed: the most serious affiliates are the ones unwilling to be dependent on a vendor they don't know, for their payment (nothing personal at all, needless to say: it's just a problem we "just don't need" and can so easily avoid).

    What matters is to have everything tweaked, tested and proven to convert targeted traffic before looking for affiliates. It's close-to-impossible to get good affiliates back, if you lose them, so before they start you need to know that your product and sales-page will convert their targeted traffic, otherwise they're gone for good, and you've damaged your business instead of helping it.

    Here are a number of recent threads which will help you ...

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    Good luck!

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    Originally Posted by Amine Boudhief View Post

    Hello, Can anybody help on ways to attract Jv's Or Affiliates To Promote a Product For you ?!
    Show me high EPC (earnings per click), and I'll advertise you, basically the amount of clicks divided by the money it has made, so if I send you as a JV 1000 clicks and sold $100 worth of your product it's $0.1, I like getting $0.5-$2 EPC at least from a promotion I do.
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    Give them a good swipe and offer INSTANT payout
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    As others have said, show me it's converting well and you've got high EPC's and i'll def jump on board!
    1. Make sure it's converting
    2. Promote products of OTHER affiliates you'd like to have promote for you, get your name known as an affiliate who drives THEM alot of sales and leads. Affiliates have NO problem reciprocating for you IF you've got a high quality, high converting offer
    3. Reach out to affiliates you've made sales before and ask them to promote for you.
    4. Reach out to affiliates you would LIKE to promote for you, tell them about your EPC's and proven funnel, and GIVE THEM (don't just offer them) review access and a link to your JV page
    5. On that note, make sure you've got a JV page with banners, pre-written high converting email swipes, demographics research and ANYTHING that'll make it easier for JV's to promote for you
    Just my $0.02 :-)
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