PayPal unauthorized transactions?

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My apologies in advance if this is rantish, but what is it with people buying products and then reporting the payment as unauthorized? I'm sure there are legitimate instances where that's called for, but most of the time it's people just not wanting to pay for things. The sad thing is that I offer a 100% guarantee right on my sales page, and a simple email to me would have been plenty sufficient for me to supply a refund.
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    When would you report a purchase unauthorized?

    When you didn't recognize the name of the seller?
    When you didn't recognize the product?
    When you received something VERY different from what you thought you ordered?
    When what you got was something VERY different from what you THOUGHT you ordered?
    When you felt the Vendor/Seller was simply trying to "pull a fast one on you"?

    What other letitimate, (discounting dishonest) reasons could there be?
    Charles Tutt
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      When your teenager used your card for a purchase.

      When you get your credit card bill and don't know what the charge was for because you fdon't remember ordering something through paypal.

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