Please rate my website as no conversions yet.

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My website is about 3 weeks old and getting about 30 hits a day, but no conversions.


has anyone got any tips or advice how I could improve it please?

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    OK - here's a few pointers.

    First-off - it looks great!

    But here a few things I would change

    1. There's a spelling mistake right there in your header - independent.

    2. The audio reviews - personally, although it is much better than it used to be, that auto-generated audio is very off-putting.

    3. Get a better graphic for your opt-in.

    4. Have the Read Review links go to proper well-written reviews.

    These things should make a difference.


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      Thanks will,

      I appreciate your advice.
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    I agree with Will, particularly on his point #4.

    Right now, your reviews don't tell me anything that I couldn't learn by just going to the sales pages. As Will said, create a proper review. That means telling me your personal opinion (rather than just scraping facts from the sales letter). Tell me not only what you like about the products, but also what you do NOT like.

    Not only are the product weaknesses something I can't find in the sales letter, you sharing them would make people trust you. And people who trust you will buy from you.


    Why should I buy from YOU? Give me a reason to. Sharing a full and proper review would be a good step. But you should add value to the offer so that I have a reason to buy from you rather than from the dozens of other affiliates.

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    Thanks for some great comments.
    I have made the cosmetic changes and will rewrite with a proper review so people can see exactly what is involved.
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    OK, just briefly. The graphics are almost TOO BIG...... They would overpower the message, except there is hardly any massage at all! ( I have to tell you this is exactly the kind of page many will comment on and say how 'sharp' it looks, not knowing that it sells poorly)

    The graphic ads are so large it makes the site look like a GIANT ADVERTISEMENT instead of reviews. I suspect most surfers jump off this immediately as it doesn't convey a tone of 'INFORMATION' which it should.

    Just look at it: Header has very large size fonts and SHOUTS. The first thing I see is big ad for XFactor (ad is almost bigger than header) then ad rotates to another ad.

    As someone above mentioned the reviews are just a couple sentences, no real content. There's nothing personal about this at all.

    I would tone the graphics down and add more content. Personal experiences you've had with WA, for instance and maybe some insights a person wouldn't get from the vendor's websites. You want something that provides 'presell' not just ADS.
    Hope that helps!
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    I find that the site though clean with good graphics
    is too busy. So I come to the site and it's hard
    to decide what to read first.

    Also the contract for the the text in the header
    is too low (because of the white in the background)
    to really jump out at you.

    I'm not so sure what you consider a 'conversion' but
    if it's an optin then the optin box needs more visual
    gravity--color, location, size.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Yes I agree with you all, I just didnt see it. I am just currently writing a more personal WA review and will tone the graphics down.
    Thanks once again to you all for your comments.
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    Traffic, traffic, traffic. 30 hits a day is not a lot. Also are you talking about visitors or hits? Big difference. At 30 visitors a day you are not getting the numbers you need. Work on traffic to your site in addition to the comments on content you see here.
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