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by rockyk
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What exactly does it mean when the search count comes up with "Not Enough Data"?
Because there are some real popular KW's that are coming up with this result yet the Ad Cost is sometimes super high ($20) so I'm pretty sure they have high search counts. Does this mean google is just having a hard time calculating the results???
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    "Not enough data" usually means that there is low search volume for that keyword. Did you go to google directly or word tracker and see what the results were over there?
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    Yes always cross refernece different sources. MNF is a great program, but it ain't right all the time.


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      thanks guys...yea i cross-checked it with goog's external KW tool and google found the # of monthly searches. good ol' reliable google

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        MNF gets its data from the Google external keyword tool so those should be pretty close.

        No two keyword tools will give you the same numbers though. Search numbers vary radically from one tool to another. They are all just estimates. In addition to the numbers we have to use some common sence and ask ourselves if the phrase sounds like something that people would actually type into a search engine.

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