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I've sold products from CB in the past, but it looked like they were skimming a lot so I left.

Crossed my mind here that maybe they didn't skim that bad after all, maybe someone messed with my links or something too/instead.

Anyway, I figure it's worth trying working with them again, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it from people that currently are working with them or have done so not too long ago.

Are they skimming? Do they pay in time? Do you bother with taking measures to protect your links? Etc etc.
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    No they dont skim. If you promote it right you will makes tons of money Clickbank is still the oldest and most legit afffialte network in the world.
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    Never had a problem with or suspicion about Clickbank.
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    I have been using Clickbank since I started many years ago, in fact the first decent money I made was from a few Clickbank products.

    They always pay on time. I use direct deposit. By the way I am still using them today. Have several accounts there.

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    Originally Posted by larsjorgenbr View Post

    it looked like they were skimming a lot so I left.
    It isn't that way at all, but it can indeed look that way, if you promote IM/MMO-related products with leaky sales pages.

    Originally Posted by larsjorgenbr View Post

    Are they skimming?

    (But some of their vendors effectively are, as independent research has shown over and over again. This is easy to avoid, though, for the most part: just don't promote products with "leaky" sales pages: ).

    Originally Posted by larsjorgenbr View Post

    Do they pay in time?
    Always. They've been established for longer than Google, and have a very longstanding, worldwide reputation for prompt and reliable payment. Clearly, they wouldn't have survived this length of time, or become the multi-Billion dollar company they are, if there were any real questions about that, or about their "skimming".

    Originally Posted by larsjorgenbr View Post

    Do you bother with taking measures to protect your links?
    That's a whole different subject, and one about which there are very widespread misunderstandings.

    Personally, I always mask my affiliate-links just for appearance's sake. There's no point (or indeed legality) in trying to conceal the fact that you are a ClickBank affiliate, though. That's not moral, ethical, legal or sensible in any way.

    If the person to whom you're promoting a CB product is her/himself already an affiliate, then whether you "protect your link" or not, they're usually going to buy it through their own hoplink rather than through yours, since ClickBank allows this. They'll know from the sales page and/or payment page that it's a "ClickBank product" anyway: there isn't a way to conceal that. This is why it's not such a wise move to promote IM-related or MMO-related ClickBank products, as an affiliate, of course (because those are obviously the ones whose potential customers may already themselves be CB affiliates). There are products in about 300 other niches, though, and for anything else, the "Customer Distribution Requirement" effectively protects the affiliates' commissions, just as it's designed to.

    But the idea that masking/concealing your affiliate-link is necessary to protect your commissions from theft by people who will otherwise substitute their own link for yours is based on a misunderstanding (commonly on two misunderstandings, in fact).

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    Awesome answers, thank you all very much.

    I'll be promoting CB products then!
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    they are definitely legit if that's what you are asking, just that some products on there are very hit and miss when it comes to sales and conversions
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    No, Clickbank plays fair. It is some vendors that use dirty tactics... like replacing your hoplink with theirs and thus not giving you a %. Luckily, they are reported very fast and CB makes sure no more people get scammed.
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      From my experience, Clickbank is doing NONE of the things you suggest.

      They have built up a pretty solid reputation based on running a solid company.

      - Robert Andrew
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