Could I get daily visitors forever with a guest post?

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Could I get daily visitors forever with a guest post? I'm new to guest posting. Thank you
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    Hi Ghostboi

    Sure, you could get visitors forever with guest posting. As long as the blog you post for have regular traffic and people like the content you write. You have to make sure you link back to your site ofcourse, and that the readers have a reason for going to your site instead of staying on the blog you guest-post for.

    What could happen though, is that your blogpost gets forgotten. Since fresh content is usually more popular and get more readers. But if you post on a blog with a good size readership, you can expect to get traffic back to your site aslong as your guestpost is in the spotlight.
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    "Forever" is such a long time

    You can generate steady traffic from it, long-term, as I have through some guest posting but I'd say, don't get attached to 1 guest post. If you were attaching to 1 guest post lol. If not, keep on guest posting but more than that, build your own blog by doing a kick butt job creating content and by commenting on authority blogs to increase your visibility.

    All the best!

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      It would help if the topic you wrote on the blog you guest posted is controversial and the blog has high traffic as well as tons of comments on every post that is published. Then arrange with the blog owner that you like to come to the blog periodically to answer the visitors' comments on your post. By doing this you would see an increase in traffic coming to your blog since you have established yourself as someone who knows the topic and hopefully you have a blog that is credible with lots of interesting content.
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    Yes, you can do it. If your guest blog post is high quality and useful. That is not problem.
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    Best way to get traffic from a guest post is to post it to a high traffic site and post something that gets peoples attention. Either write about something that people are talking about or make it controversial, that way people will be more likely to read it and share it - which is what you, and the website your posting on, want.
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    Does anybody here that's answering even DO guest posting?

    I just had a guest post published on a site that gets over 300k visits per MONTH to their blog alone.

    The first few days I got TONS of traffic, as it got shared on their social media sites and people saw it as the most recent post on the site.

    But slowly traffic started trickling down.

    Sure, maybe if your POST is at the top of their site forever, and it's getting thousands of views per DAY you can. But really, guest posting is about getting an authority link, and relevant traffic. It works nicely, but it's NOT a magic button to getting traffic forever.

    Now, if you keep guest posting every WEEK on various authority sites - that's another story...

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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      Originally Posted by Jeff Lenney View Post

      Does anybody here that's answering even DO guest posting?
      The answer is "usually not", I think, Jeff.

      There are people who wander around the forum trying to get a lot of posts on the board without actually knowing anything about the subject on which they're purportedly trying to advise others. It gets their signature-files shown on the board, which they think (and maybe even correctly?) benefits them a little.

      This subject's a particular candidate for that.

      That's why there's a lot of nonsense posted here, about it.

      And that leads to one of two outcomes ...

      Either people like you and I, who actually do guest-posting, go around correcting the misinformation by making posts like yours just above, or this one and this one (posted about 20 minutes ago!) of mine ... or the forum just fills up, ever-increasingly, with ridiculous misinformation on the subject.

      Frustrating, either way.

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        It's so easy to post "yes, you can" - "I think it's possible" or - "anything is possible"....and get your signature link viewed.

        Of course no one seeing that kind of post has any interest in your signature link so it's link for link's sake...a/k/a pretty worthless.

        Must be a new WSO out there (the $1 variety?) telling people to guest post?
        Remember all those times when you wished the weekend would last forever? Well, wish granted. Happy now?
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        I know some Posts on Blogs can last for awhile.

        Jon Morrow a very successful blogger still gets updates and new comments from a post he wrote over 4 years ago entitled, :Why I quit Blogging".

        So yeah you can get daily visitors from Guest Posts over a number of years.

        Most of the time they will dissipate into obscurity , though

        - Robert Andrew
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        I guess that's why they call people on this forum 'warriors': because they're always fighting. lol. Thanks a lot to everyone.
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    if you write it on an evergreen niche and its great quality, you can continue getting hits on your site until the internet dies of old age..
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