Dropbox to back up websites?

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i've installed updraft just for now. i might go back and change things.

when updraft is creating a back up, does it slow down the site for visitors?

Original Question:

I have hostgator hosting and I’m using CodeGuard to back up my sites.

I also have a dropbox account, so I’m thinking to save a few dollars I might back my sites up to dropbox and get rid of my CodeGuard account.

But I don’t know how easy or not it is to back up my sites to dropbox.

Or if it's advisable...

What's the best way to back up sites to dropbox?

– I would want updates I make to my site to automatically back up; or it to be very easy to initiate a new backup.

– I’d prefer not to add plugins to my site; but I could do if they don’t impact the speed etc of the site.)

– The site I want to be sure is backed up is a Wordpress site.

I have other sites that I prefer to back up, but it wouldn’t be a disaster if they weren’t backed up, because these other sites don’t make me money. One of them is not Wordpress – it’s custom-built PHP.

– I want to back up everything on my main site – the theme of my Wordpress site is custom made – I want that backed up as well as the content of the site.

– What’s the best way to back up to dropbox?

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