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by Mrnace
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I am starting to looking syndicating my blog content.

What websites and statergies are best for this?
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    Originally Posted by Mrnace View Post

    What websites and statergies are best for this?
    The best websites for you are the websites that already have the targeted traffic you want to attract to your own site.

    Nobody can possibly give you a list of websites without knowing what your niche is, and what traffic demographics you want to attract.

    For publishing articles, the first and foremost place, of course, should always be your own site (and nowhere else until they've been published and indexed there). After that, anywhere that's specifically relevant to the subject of your niche, so that you can attract targeted traffic from the readers/visitors of those sites.

    Suggestions on "how to find those sites" are here.

    And some suggestions on "how to ask them to publish your article/post" are here.

    (It's very much less important, of course, but even the backlinks from those context-relevant sites are also worth something to your site, just because of their relevance - Google values that. But of course all you can ever get from Google is "search engine traffic", which tends to be of limited value and is often temporary, too).

    Don't forget ezines, as well as websites. Their traffic can often be highly targeted and responsive, and their subscribers pretty attentive.

    (No - "ezines" are not the same thing as "article directories"!).

    Also, offline sources (magazines, even newspapers) commonly re-publish articles, and these can produce real floods of traffic (acceptance is generally more difficult, and there's more work involved and a bigger learning-curve, but the benefits can really be dramatic!).

    After that, it's also worth mentioning Ezine Articles. That isn't an ezine: it's the web's best-known article directory, and can be used as a way of achieving some additional, "passive syndication", i.e. when publishers look there for content to re-publish (that being the purpose of article directories). It's only a minor afterthought, compared with everything mentioned above, but it can sometimes be a good and helpful afterthought. (I submit all my articles there - after they've been extensively published elsewhere, of course - and I do sometimes benefit from it, a little. It's free, anyway. But don't imagine that publishing articles yourself and then putting the additional copy in Ezine Articles is "doing article marketing": it isn't, at all).

    In contrast, it's not worth mentioning any other article directories, and for all the reasons explained in this post, no article marketer would want their potential customer traffic coming to their sites via an article directory anyway: that isn't how article directories work, isn't what they're intended for, and isn't a benefit they can provide, either. This thread explains how to use them: How do Article Directories work?

    Very last on the list, and the "lowest of the low" are probably "Web 2.0 sites", which tend to come with all sorts of problems and disadvantages for article marketers, and very few (if any) additional benefits, for all the kinds of reasons explained here.

    The rule of thumb (and it's a pretty good and valid one) is that anywhere where you can just "submit your own content" without any sort of editiorial approval/acceptance process probably isn't going to be of any real benefit to you.

    Here are a few other threads (some of them quite helpful) which include a big mixture of comments on the subject of "where to submit articles" ...

    Best way to submit articles?

    What is the Best site for Posting Articles

    Article Writing & Syndication Explained?

    Really dumb article SYNDICATION question

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      Thanks Alexa. I'll read through that stuff and see if I can implement.
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    wow Alexa you are everywhere with your awesome tips and resorces
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