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Guys, just wanna ask for an input about successfully selling websites in flippa based on your previous experience, I wanna sell brand new sites there.
  1. did you take just the basic listing and successfully sold the website or buy upgrades?
  2. if you did buy the upgrades, what did you buy?
  3. did you buy the promotion upgrade as well?
thx a lot for replying this thread
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    Honestly, it sounds like a recipe to lose money or not make much to me.

    A brand new site (3 months or less) basic listing is $9.
    Upgraded listings/promotions are available for $29 and $49.
    I'm pretty sure Flippa still takes a success fee on top of that.

    Depending on the upgrades you buy.. You'd have to sell a brand new, no/little traffic site for $20-$75 just to make a slim profit.

    (PS. I haven't sold on flippa in years so maybe someone else knows something that I don't)
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    if u have experience, I will appreciate that... need that info

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    I was sold over 60 site on flippa with basic listing and less reserve price
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    I am of the impression & experience that the whole "make sure you have 1,000,000+ words in your listing so it has better chance of selling" is crap. I Have bought and sold domains on flippa w/ little or no description / info - because frankly some things are just self explanatory. Granted both were domains not established sites.

    I also just tested out the upgrades for once - Ive sold sites with no upgrades and wanted to see what all the fuss was about... Ive spent over $100 on upgrades for a current listing that did not sell first time around, and i am actually getting LESS views / potential buyer attention than before... I hope they have a good explanation or a refund for me for these sorts of results... I mean come on, the listing is sitting on the front page Featured section & still doesnt have more views...

    Im sure some of you are saying well its the domain then, i wish it was, but the domain is premium w/ 2,700,000+ global monthly searches on an exact match

    I think if you have quality sites to sell, its going to be 50/50 unless your slangin envelopes full of gold dust or glitter haha
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    very cool sharing, what else guys , any other experience related to upgrades in flippa?

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