You are the boss. Should I apply, A or B?

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Greetins, Warriorlings.

I´m running a coupon website. For now, every single piece of content only has coupon codes. Not discounts, no nothing, just plain good old coupon codes.

Lots of my competitors have also implemented "deal of the day" and "check out your discount" and thrown these into the mix with the coupon codes.

Should I:

a) Add everything to my coupon code website?

b) Create a second website that is closely related to the coupon codes one, only with specific discounts, sales and offers?

and most important. Why?

I am for both, but I am unsure which option is the smartest due to SEO and content relevation. So please, explain with a few short and juicy sentences why you choose a or b.

Thanks in advance! You are awesome!
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    Personally I would say go with A.

    The biggest reason I say that is so that you stay focused on ONE website. I've been victim of trying too many things at once, and about 98% of the time it doesn't work. If you commit all your time to the one website it will turn out much better than trying to multitask on 2 sites.

    For instance you are going to spend time setting up your second site. Then you are going to be tweaking the design, changing the layout. You will have to work on getting traffic to both sites, getting links to each site.

    What if you start doing some social networking? Now, you have to post, tweet, pin BOTH sites.

    Stick to one and give it your complete attention. In the long run I think you will be much happier.
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    See, thats exactly the kind of reply I was looking for. I was so focused on multitasking that I forgot how much work it actually is. Much appreciated. I will most. def stick to only one website.
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