Has anyone used Global eWallet to pay affiliates?

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I'm currently using Digital Access Pass and Paypal Mass Pay to manage & pay affiliates.

I want to use Global eWallet to pay affiliates as it looks robust.

Does anyone have experience of this and any tips? Can I still use DAP as my affiliate management system?
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    Experience, no (and that's the point - that will also be true of some other very successful affiliate marketers, which is why this is a bad idea, IMO).

    Tips, yes.

    Some of the very small minority of serious, pro-affiliates (who between them make the overwhelming majority of the sales) will almost undoubtedly not be willing even to look at an "affiliate opportunity" which involves being paid by a vendor through "Globel eWallet". I wouldn't even be willing to click on a link, myself, to find out what the thing is. And I'll be far from the only serious, pro-affiliate with those instincts. Sorry.

    "Having as many affiliates as possible" and "making as many sales as possible" are two very, very different things. And sometimes they're even directly conflicting objectives.

    Anything you do, as a vendor, that "looks even slightly odd/unorthodox" to the small group of serious, pro-affiliates (the minority you actually want and need) is potentially costing you a lot of sales. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and sorry to sound narrow-minded about it, but that's the reality, Jonathan. If you're going to be doing something that we're unfamiliar with, that can only be a negative, overall, from your perspective, not a positive. You have to make it easy for us, not difficult/risky/worrying!

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    I would only go for that solution once you have an well established service which everyone will use. Establish yourself in the marked first and then move over. Even when you start out with er service use jvzoo, clickback etc. to get alot of affialites and buyers in the door
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    Hi Jonathan,

    >>I want to use Global eWallet to pay affiliates as it looks robust.<<
    That does not sound like a convincing-enough argument for switching from the ubiquitous Paypal to a service that even I've never heard of ;-)

    How does "robust" make a difference for your affiliates? Paypal is super robust as well, right? Or do you have an issue with Paypal to begin with?

    If the reason is to be able to reach affiliates in countries where Paypal is not accepted, are you sure that's what you want? Do you even know that you will get affiliates from remote non-Paypal parts of the world who can promote your product?

    So, unless you're getting proven, big-name affiliates banging on your doors telling you that they will not promote your product unless you pay them through this "eWallet", I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    Hope this makes sense.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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