What's the best way to recruit Clickbank affiliates for #startup and #entrepreneur tags?

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Hey guys,

So I've got my new online training product on Clickbank

Now the hard part - attracting good quality affiliates!!!

Product is an online training for startup entrepreneurs available on Clickbank Marketplace, selling for €95. Awesome product explains how to design startups with viral growth tactics, how to get accepted by accelerators for funding, what you definitely shouldn't do if you want to succeed fast, and how to aim for a million-dollar revenue within 12 months.

So I'm left wondering what's the best way to build a good network of 20+ affiliates in this niche (#startups, #entrepreneur, #funding) where we can do a product launch together?

I've heard JVZOO is used for this. But others say WSO is better. And again others tell me to hire a bunch of guys in the Philippines and use Scrapebox to get forums/blogs for commenting.

I don't want to spam. But I do need to work with affiliates on a calendar launch with a combined list size of several 100k in this niche.

Any good advice on the best approach I should consider in these circumstances?

Thanking you in advance!!
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