2 Big Reasons why this guy isn't making money online

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I just got an email from a client I did a sales letter for.

After I delivered it to him, he sent me an email asking me why he hadn't been
making any money online up to this point.

He laid out the fact that he had 5 different websites in one niche... each site
pretty much trying to do a different thing.

But the big problem was... every single site was just "thrown up" with the
sole purpose of trying to make money... but neither of them was done well.

So I was thinking that my reply to him may help others here who are trying
to make money online, have a few sites, and just can't seem to make anything

Here's the email reply I just sent him.... and this advice was gained
from nothing more than being online for 14 years and doing very well.


Here are my thoughts and advice... and this comes
from someone who has "been there, done that" when it comes
to making it online and doing VERY well for the past 14 years.

I've sold multiple millions in 3 different markets/niches
of my own... and here's what I think will help you most:

1. Start with the project that is CLOSEST to making money
or already making money.

I've learned that it's much easier to start with a project
that's either close to being done, or is making some money
now but not enough.

This is just a way to get cash flow coming in sooner.

In order to stay in business, you have to make profit
and cash flow.

So, if it were me, I would start with whatever project
is closest to completion or making some money now...
because that means it will be easier to take that one to
the next level and make more money.

John Carlton, one of my copy coaches... calls it "going
with your money makers"

Instead of putting in a ton of time, effort, money, or
focus on projects that are WAY off from being done...
immediately start and jump in on the project that's close to
being successful and making money.

This way, you can get it profitable and get some momentum
on your side... before moving on.

I can tell you from working with over 500 clients in the past
14 years... most of them are unsuccessful because they're
trying to work on 5 different projects at one time... which
means they can't focus on any and can't get any working well...
because they have no focus.

You want to work on the one project that's closest to success
and making money, get that one up and working and bringing in
cash, and THEN go to the next one.

If you try to do too many projects at one time, you won't
gain any traction with any... so you'll just be spreading your
efforts out too thin.

So, start with one, get that going, and then move on.

2. These days, content is everywhere. Seriously... people
are drowning in content and people are so busy with their
lives and have such little time... that they just can't
read or consume everything online, even if it's one of
their interests.

The way around this, and the ONLY way to win moving forward,
is to create content that WOWS people, catches their attention
and keeps it, and it offers a lot of valuable information that
can improve their lives and help solve problems.

I read a book a year ago or so, it was about creating epic,
amazing content that catches attention, entertains, offers
value and solutions, and is just so unique, different, and
better than what's out there.... you start to gain a following.

If your content is plain, boring, and like everyone else's...
you won't stand out and people have no reason to buy from you.

So, these days I'm more profitable than ever in my businesses...
because I approach every single piece of content as the last one
I'll ever write.

I want it to hit a cord with people... and get them WANTING
to hear from me.

If your content is boring or the same as what's out there...
people have no reason to buy from you or follow you.

I've gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in work related
profits over the last few years from simple content posts I've
made on my blogs or on the Warrior forum.

I wrote with the purpose of making this piece of content something
that the reader will remember, it will help them, solve their problems,
and I want them thinking "Wow"

No offense Ian, but none of the content I've read below does that
for me... it's very "same old, same old.

Think of newspapers or Facebook posts.

The only stuff that gets read is the stuff that gets people's attention,
it wows them, entertains and offers value, and it's just different.

So you're right... most of your current content just doesn't do that.

The only way to stand out is to write differently and be unique and
valuable... and write like you're trying to change lives... not make

I worked for a long time with a client that was making
mind-blowing money.

BUT... it all started with one site. I wrote a few different
versions they're testing now, but also did a few video sales letters
that sold close to a million.

But the thing is they started with one, then went to another,
and then another... and did almost a million in a few months with just
a few video sales letters I did for them.

I can already spot your biggest problems that will continue
to hold you back.

You have too many things on your plate... or to put it another way,
you have too many plates you're trying to spin at one time... but
sooner or later, they will fall.

My advice: start with one... the one closest to making money or
already making a little money... then I come in and create content
and sales stuff that gets it more profitable.

It's easier to take a winner and make it win more... than it is
to try and take something unproven and make that work.

Then, once you know the site you want to start with... the
next step is making content that wows people, offers solutions
to their problems, and it's so unique/better/different... people
can just "sense" it's life changing.

If you write content with the soul purpose of just writing
content and getting good SEO... that will do nothing because
the content won't move them to take action.

BUT if you write content with the purpose of wanting to change
lives and improve other peoples' lives... you will make money.

I didn't start making life-changing money until I realized that
only those people that offer WOW content and amazing content that
stands out... those are the people that attract a following.

If your content is boring or plain, you offer nothing different
for people.

So, that's our next step... start with the site that has
the most current potential and closest to making money...
then I come in and create content and marketing content
that gets people to take the action you want them to take...
which is actions that lead to cash in your pockets.

Hope this helped.

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  • Profile picture of the author blueclcl
    Nice post sir!

    I 100% agree with you about providing content that has the WOW factor. If I get an email or read a blog post/article that I find fantastic, then I tend to look and search for whatever else they have online.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeff Burritt
    Very good. I will add this advice: Know your target market. Really understand what your prospect really wants. Then overdeliver a solution exactly targeting their wants.
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  • Profile picture of the author parklands
    Totally agree, get a great headline, then great content, grab attention, find the problem, grab the attention,
    solve the problem, SO YOU HAVE ACNE - WHO GIVES A SHIT - WE DO - SOLVE YOUR ACNE PROBLEM WITH ............
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    • Profile picture of the author discrat
      Yes, I totally agree. You have to be almost like an Entertainer anymore. With the advent of Social Media in the last decade or so , people get on the Internet to get away from their somewhat mundane lives.

      So you need to find something that sets you apart and makes them laugh while also giving something that will provide real value to help a problem they need to solve

      - Robert Andrew
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  • let's face it...unless you promise most Int. surfers instant millions, no risk, no work, they aren't that interested.
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  • Profile picture of the author Millionbaby

    Too many people try like 10 things at once..

    What I always advise to my coaching students is to take 1 THING..1 world.. 1 field..1 Niche.. and WORK IT like crazy!
    They will master it at the end.. and the whole bunch of $$ they've always dreamt of..will finally come in!
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    • Profile picture of the author KloudStrife
      Thank you for this amazing read. Literally put me in the right direction as I was about to spin multiple plates!

      Now I'll only work on one...the one I'm most passionate about until I can genuinely help people!
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  • Profile picture of the author sumeno
    I think he has no idea about his target market, he just want blindly. You did good and I agree with points which you shared in your post.
    My Internet Marketing Blog
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom E
    Shawn, what was the name on that book you mentioned for creating unusual content? I subscribe to the same model myself, but I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks!
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