Do I have to follow PLR license ?

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when I buy PLR and the license :
Can edit ,rename /re-brand it and sell it.
Can be sold as it is not less than xx$ price tag!
Can be bundled with other product
Can be offered as bonus for your other product


Can not sell RR
Can not sell MRR
Can not sell PRL

If I Re-brand the product and I re edit the content , the can I write my own license , for example if i sell this product as RR . or I still have just to sell the new product I created from original PLR without any rights?

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    You need to sell the product following the license rights. That means, even if you edit it, you should sell it without any rights as per the license terms. However, it's better to contact the product owner to get a clear answer.

    - Nizam
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    As I understand it, if the license says:
    Can not sell RR
    Can not sell MRR
    Can not sell PRL

    Then you can only make it into an end-product, with no resell rights.

    But as Nizamkhan said, you could always check with the product creator for clarification.
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    If you are confused in anyway with the way to use the PLR products, just contact the creator. You want to make sure you play by the rules since they are the ones who created the work.
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    Keep in mind that all PLR products are still copyright the original creator. They are not selling you the copyright, just specific publishing and resale rights. If you do anything outside of the specifically listed rights you are in violation of copyright law and can be sued for a lot more than just the price you paid for the rights. So as stated above, ALWAYS contact the content owner if you have any questions about rights.
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    Like these guys have said, you can edit it up and sell it as an end product, but NOT sell RR, MRR, or PLR to it.

    You need to look for Unlimted PLR products to do that. Or products which specifically state that you can sell RR to it.

    It really depends who your target audience are to why you'd want to sell RR. A lot of producers of PLR are selling to marketers, that's our audience, even if the topic of the actual product is to a completely different audience.

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      My feeling is . . .

      If the original license states that the product becomes my own once it's been modified (or changed by a certain percentage, often 50% or more) then I am going to do what I want with the product, including claiming copyright and setting my own new license terms.

      If there is any question about what constitutes "making a PLR product my own" I'm going to get clarification before I make the purchase.

      My reasoning is - if I'm going to go to the effort to substantially change the product to my own, I'm going to have complete control over how it is used or re-used.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • It depends upon whether you..

    1) Slightly adapt their content..or..

    2) Start from scratch and use their content as a guideline.

    If 1) then you have to use their license.

    If 2) and you create the product from scratch (Theres is just a guideline) then you own it.

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