Microsoft Ads... Ummmm... HUH?

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Okay, its clear Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new initiative of some sort. So obvious that are willing to literally TORCH $300 Million bucks for an ad campaign starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld (who got 10 of those 300 millions, btw)...

The ad is pointless... Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a shoe store. It's like the beginning of a really bad joke.

But maybe that IS the joke?!

"Hey, we can afford to blow $300 million for a 90-second spot on NFL opening weekend. Yay."

Am I the only one who thinks that money could have been better spent?

Like on hookers, booze and a crazy weekend in Vegas? Now THERE'S a commercial! (pinky to mouth, thumb to ear) Bill, you've got my number... Call me!

The Microsoft Ad

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    I saw the ad. Come to think of it I don't remember what they were selling. It did seem a little off now that you mention it.

    What's Microsoft up to?
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      based on my understanding this first commercial was intended to "create a dialogue" with consumers... they will be adding to this advertising "mashup" with more (no doubt crappy) commercials explaining how microsoft can help you manage your LIFE.

      the culmination of the entire thing will be Microsoft specialists located in stores everywhere to help you with your technology - just like the Apple Genius bar or the cell phone kiosks setup in your local Best Buy, Circuit City, etc...

      But they sure got off to a rocky start!

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