I actually got some good rankings... yay

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So an update on my first website. A while back I started up my first website, a week later I started getting some traffic, about 1 month and a half later I got my first sale, two weeks later I got my second sale, and I still haven't made a third sale, but my ranking is pretty good an some competitive keywords. I 4th on the first page for a high target keyword, and I am on the third page for another high target keyword.

Funny thing is the one I'm on the third page, I get the most traffic for.

Anyways, I'm excited. I'll be puting up a new website pretty soon. A bit more pro, using the Conduit Method by Chris Rempel. The first one was an attempt at the conduit method, but it's pretty crappy, though I still made $50. Almost broke even. Only need a few more sales to cover cost of the website lol.

Well, gota go.
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    Congrats. Nice work. can you share your website design and the methods of promotion?

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    The free ad forum is also good
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      Well, you can check my site out at simpleswingreview.com The site design is crappy. I mean really it is. Even after people helped me out and gave me suggestions, I was just able to make it less crappy, lol. But anyways, I was like screw it. I can spend a few months on it, or just put it up and see what happens.

      So I put up the site. I had some articles written. The nice thing is I make pretty good money where I work and I'm single, so I have some cash to pay for articles. I have found a very nice lady who writes excellent articles and I'm even helping her learn about writing autoresponder series, reviews and the such.

      So I uploaded the site then took some articles and submitted them on ezinearticles. I know about articlemarketer but I hate using it cause when they do a mass submit I get all these links saying you must confirm this and that. I know, don't be lazy, haha, but I guess I should try it. I'd rather do some submissions manually though the really good ones.

      So I only submitted three articles. I also did some yahoo answers posts, and I used a link building service on the warriorforum... can't remember it at the moment. The link is in chris rempels Lazy Marketer ebook here on the forum. it was his strategy I used- to a lesser extent I didn't use everything he said.

      So ya, one crappy website, a link building service, three articles, and a few yahoo answers. I made $57.20 CAD.

      Now when I look at how long I have been studying this stuff, and how much the hosting cost is and expenses, I haven't really made my money back, but my site had only been up for 2 months and I made say $50. So in a year I would make $300. That would cover my costs and this was all a learning experience.

      my next site is much more pro- a template purchased from chris rempel- and I had some webdesigners edit it and put in the content. Because it was a template it was much cheaper as well. I'm expecting this site to do much better and I'm going to go harder on the article submission, like try 5 articles a week. I just had 2 more articles accepted for simpleswingreview.com so I'll see tommorrow how the traffic holds up. the nice part is I only submitted 3 articles and havn't added any for about a month now and I've had a good steady I'd say 3 people a day on average. Boune rate is way up to like 90% though. Oh well I'm not wasting any more time on that site.

      It's on to the new one with mistakes made and corrections in plan.

      well, I hope this helps answer you're questions about what I did. I had fun typing this.

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