Google Stats vs. Wordpress Stats Discrepancies

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On a quick check of statistics I noticed that there seems to be quite a discrepancy between the results of Google Analytics and Wordpress Blog Stats and I was wondering which one is the one to trust if any?

For instance on checking the stats on one particular day, Wordpress Blog Stats shows 239 visits and Google's Analytics Dashboard shows 69!! That's a big difference. Yet on another day Wordpress Blog Stats shows 94 and Google's Analytics Dashboard shows 50, which is less of a gap than the previous example.

I would appreciate a quick explanation if there is one?

Thank you
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    I've found similar problems when comparing clicks on links from my Twitter page with Analytics' counts for a web page. I've come to the conclusion that Analytics has a few issues.

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    Google Dashboard often shows previous results,
    they are not always up to the second, but they are
    precise and you can trust them.

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    Google's reporting is 24 hours behind, which might account for some of the differences.

    I've always found differences whenever I've tried to compare different reporting packages, so my view is pick one that you like and stick with that.

    At the end of the day the trend is more important and the trend will only be accurate if the measurement process is consistent.


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      I found the same thing with StatCounter vs. Google Analytics. Since StatCounter gives me more information - such as who spends how long on my site - I'm making StatCounter my primary analysis program.

      For example, StatCounter reveals people who return several times a day - Google doesn't. And StatCounter tells me who goes to my site - and falls asleep or goes off to work with my website still pulled up! (That's the only way I can account for those very few who view my site for..... like 23 hours and 42 minutes!)

      StatCounter also tells me who visited which pages for how long.


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        I was reading a report on analytics tools the other day and I was very surprised about what I found.

        Analytic tools should only be used as a guide. The majority of analytic tools are not accurate however, there were a few who were, on average, more accurate than others. Google Analytics was one of them.

        The report stated that Analytic tools that used Javascript to gather stats from websites wasn't always being executed. If the Javascript isn't being invoked no measurements were being taken for that visitor. This explains a lot of discrepencies between Analytic programs.

        Like Keyword Research tools, use analytic programs as a guide to what's happening on your site as it's fairly accurate but never 100% accurate.
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