Can I post every one of my new blog posts on facebook and google plus?

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Someone had once told me that I shouldn't have too many links coming from any one domain (someone from an SEO company).

He looked at my backlinks, and saw 400 links coming from I believe it was my aweber archives, and he said that would look bad to google.

but then on the other hand, other folks say to post on your social media accounts

I'm thinking of doing the following:

Writing a blog post, and then copying and pasting the link, along with interesting, catchy info, in my facebook and google plus pages...

would this help or harm me?

I want my blogs to be read!

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    Don't look at social networks in terms of their backlinks, instead build up a following and then yes, post your content to FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc...

    You want to engage and attract followers, then share your content and use it for traffic in that way.

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    Social Media can bring traffic to your website. I don't see how sharing your content on social media will harm you. You can see how websites have been sharing content on social media and they don't just share that content once, they will share it again after sometime so I believe there would be no harm in doing so.
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    Don't do link building for the sake of link building David.

    Share your content in places where your target audience hang out. Social media sites, forums, guest blogs, etc are all places where people who are interested in what you have to offer hang out. You are reaching out to them by posting relevant interesting information on these sites.

    When you do things like that, you'll get a lot of targeted traffic with whom you've already built some form of trust, which makes selling to them way easier once you've gotten them to your website/landing page/list.

    The links you get from this process will be a bonus when you do things like this. Don't just depend on Google 100%.

    I don't know about the 1000 rules SEO people spout about getting links, but I do know that Google likes relevant high quality links from multiple places. If you are posting to different social media accounts of yours, that's exactly what you are doing. Keep finding different places your target audience hang out at and start posting there too.
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    Of course it's something you can do! As long as you get some benefits from it, like people visiting your website by clicking on your link, then do it
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    theres no point sharing your content on your social media if you don't yet have an audience, it would be a waste, wait til you have some followers and then schedule new posts every day or whatever..
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    In my experience this will do nothing but help you. Google obviously likes content first, but they also like interaction and engagement of readers. Being spread out over social media sites is ideal. Further, the more the better. Also, it will help you in the long run if you have your social media accounts linked, and then eventually linked to your home website. Example: Twitter links to your FB, FB links to your Youtube, etc. and so on.
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      Thank you guys, great info. Really cleared things up for me
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