Are other niches outside of Internet Marketing successful on JVZOO in regards to having own product?

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For example you create a sports betting advice ebook and you want to sell it on jvzoo. Do those type of affiliates hang at jvzoo?
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    From my own experience, the vast majority of products are IM, but there are affiliates with lists in 'common' IM niches such as diet & weight loss, forex, etc.
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    Most of the products are related to IM. However, currently there are 205 total products in sports category on Jvzoo. So, maybe there are few handful of affiliates promoting sports products. So, you might want to give it a try and see how it goes.

    - Nizam
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    You may get a few if the offer and product is good.

    You may be best to use Clickbank, but this will have a charge at first if it's your first launch.
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    A variety of niches is more prevalent on Clickbank than JVZoo, so I would recommend CB. Reason being, you have more variety in the types of affiliates that can promote your product. This is important because I have found that marketing (for the most part) extends further on the internet with CB because the affiliates have to sell so many different products, that it forces them to think outside the box more in their promotional efforts.
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    Yes it can be - but it depends as usual on the launch strategy - how do you engage the affiliates to want to advertise your product over someone else's. If you have a good offering then you will be on to a good thing!

    Good luck with your project!
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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    Do those type of affiliates hang at jvzoo?
    JVzoo was pretty much built through this forum. So take a look around here. How much faith do you have that the WarriorForum base can sell anything but get rich quick info products?
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      JVZ is a pretty easy platform to set up affiliates on. So if you have something outside of IM, you can ask people if they might be interested in selling for you.

      I would suspect that in the IM/MMO world, most people would be looking for the stats to decide to affiliate for. If you don't have those, you probably aren't going to get much traction.

      But if you've got something outside of IM, you might be able to snag some great people.

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