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Tired Of making tiny affiliate commissions from Amazon and even $20 sales from Clickbank
There are affiliate programs out there for high end products and services that pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars in commission to you per sale.

Commissions from referral sales average around $1000 and up. Make sure you read the terms carefully to qualify.

2-The Watchery
Up to 10% of the purchase price. Some watches are tens of thousands of dollars.

Private Jet Charter company offering $275 commission per sale

4-Regal Assets
For the total amount invested, you will get 3% of the amount as a commission. (this is where it gets serious!) (example: If your lead invests $2,000,000, you get a $60,000 commission! You will be rewarded every time your lead invests. Note that the average investment amount at Regal Assets is $20,000 - $50,000)

5-Sandals Resorts.
Pays 4% commission and has EPCs of $137.99. 90 day cookies

CPA: Up to $1000 per new client
Rev Share: Up to 25% commission on daily trading fees

6-Luxury Travel Team
Luxury Travel & Cruise company that guarantees 25% more income than your current cruise affiliate program.

7-+500 Affiliates
Affiliate Commissions: Up to $600 CPA.

8-Legacy Learning Systems
Affiliate Commissions: 20% base commission rate

The luxury hotel chain pay up to 10% commission with a conversion rate of around 3% and average sale of £150.

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 20% on each paid consultation

If you have a big ticket affiliate program that isn't listed here you can comment below.
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    Food for thought - or further research of course.

    Great post BTW - nice info for each opportunity. Shows there really is life outside the IM niche! Seriously, I would imagine some of these require digging down to sub-niches to avoid heavy competition - Sandals, for example.
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    I would like to know more about affiliates. We have a brand and would like other websites to link to our site. when the sale is made i would pay the commission to the originating website owner. My question is Whats the best affiliate programme to use on a magento website and whats the best affiliate website to use to get traffic to my site?

    Also is there an advantage for me to join the war room and advertise?
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    I have a questions. My friend (my partner ) have a Turkish news website ( Haber oku, Gazete oku, Son haberler ) and looking for a affiliate which suitable for turkish users. His web site traffic daily 20K+ . He has added adsense but not enough. Do you have any offer from this list.
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    Big sum...

    commission up to $1K per sale.
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      This is fine. But remember two things:
      1. In general, the reason companies offer large commissions is not because they are generous -- it's because what they're selling is hard to sell. Part of this is due to the nature of the product (if I were going to spend $10K on a watch, I'd not only want to be able to try it on first, but I'd also want to get my ego stroked by some salesperson) and part of this is because with high ticket items repeat buyers are harder to find (how many $10K watches does someone need?). This also makes it hard to build relationships with your customers, which are the foundation of any successful affiliate business.
      2. It's not the amount that you make per sale that matters, but the total amount you make on all sales that matters. And just because selling one of one product pays 10 times more than selling one of another doesn't mean that you won't sell 100 times more of the other product than the first product.

      I'm definitely not suggesting that high ticket items are in and of themselves a bad idea. But I certainly don't think they are a good idea in and of themselves. It all depends on who your customers are, your relationship with those customers, your niche, etc.

      But a lot more money is made selling soft drinks than is made selling champagne. If you've got the right business model and the right customers, by all means, sell champagne, but for me (and I'd wager for most -- though certainly not all -- successful businesses), there's more money in lower ticket items.
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    Nice information but it does not meet another list name like amozon, ebay.
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    Hey guys, just thought i would jump in here!

    My advice would be to look at the Regal assets affiliate program (gold IRA) or the shopify program. Both pay out very well.

    you can also view a list of high paying affiliate offers and programs at a website called passive pursuit
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