2 Marketing Insights From My Zaney Weekend Job

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Hi Guys,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shane and I am 20 years old. With the time I am not spending on IM, I am working as a street entertainer in Vail CO. I am a living staute/mime and I make and hourly rate plus tips. I know it's strange

This Labor day weekend I picked up some valuble marketing insights while I was working.

Let me start by telling you what I made in tips each day.

Fri: $210
Mon: $650

Each day I worked the same hours, but there was one huge difference between the days.

The Traffic

Here is what the traffic looked like each day

Fri: barley any people
Sat: a fair amount of people
Sun: 5x more people than Sat
Mon: about the same as Sun

What I found interesting was that I pulled in 240 bucks more on SAt than Sun and Sun had 5x times more Traffic!

How wierd is that.

What I noticed was that on Sunday I had postioned myself right smack in the middle of traffic. I also positioned myself in narrow streets where people were clustered together. What I found was that even though I was around everyone I was not making very good money.

It was obvious at this point that Quality beats Quantity.

So how could I turn this mass of people into quality tippers?

What I did was qualify them. I stood away from the crowd and made them come to me. I started making the money when I focused on less of the crowd instead of everyone. The second thing I noticed was when the traffic was thin I did the best when I was up close in front of them.

I took What I learned Sun and then applied it on Mon. I noticed huge results.

$650 in tips! That is un heard of as a street performer.

I made this because I worked smarter rather than harder. I also made this because I kept adjusting my postion depending on the amount of traffic.


-Don't use a one size fits all aproach to your campain. Always keep adjusting. Apply 80/20 rule

-Lots of traffic dosen't mean squat. In fact it could destroy your conversions if your customers are not qualitfied.

In Vail I was not paying 5-50 cents per visitor but in IM you could rack up quite a bill

Remember Qualify Your Traffic

Ps. One more quick thing. I started making much better money when I was seeding my tip jar with 5s 10s and 20s. This gave the tippers the option of tipping more than just 1 dollar.

Offer your customers options. let em choose between the Gold, deluxe, and platnum versions of your product. It will pay off. It did for me

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